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The Department of Chemistry and Materials Science (CMAT) focuses on micro-, nano- and atomic scale engineering of compounds and materials. Our work in these areas encompasses synthesis, characterization and computational research. The research focuses on advanced and functional materials, chemical synthesis, energy storage and conversion, as well as, molecular and materials modelling. Our teaching provides students a solid background for these topics. The department is a part of the Aalto University School of Chemical engineering.


The CMAT Department is now looking for students for


You can apply for one or several of the open positions. Please mark the task codes of the positions you are interested in.


Soft Materials Modelling [Code: SOFT]

Have you ever been interested in how liquids, biomolecular solutions, polymer assemblies, emulsions or foams behave at molecular level? What interactions give rise to the properties of these? Have you studied, for example, biomaterials, chemistry or physics? Are you thinking positively of working with computers? In the Soft Materials Modelling group, we employ computer simulations (molecular modelling) to study biobased and synthetic soft materials systems to develop, for example, drug delivery systems, functional films, and bioengineered materials.

We look for students with good study record, some ability with computers, and at minimum, 2 first years of B.Sc. studies completed. The group has also M.Sc. thesis opportunities and possibilities for doctoral studies.

Further information: Maria Sammalkorpi


Next generation redox flow batteries [Code: NextGenRFB]

Are you interested in development of large scale energy storage technologies for the future?  Join our dynamic, international and new team aiming to develop better batteries for large-scale energy storage, urgently required to increase the share of renewable electricity production (wind and solar) in the electricity grid. Our work combines electrochemistry, organic chemistry, materials science and electrochemical engineering, so we offer challenging and interesting tasks within these topics, tailored according to your interests, skills and level of studies.

We look for excellent students on any level of studies.

Further information: Dr. Pekka Peljo, Research group of Physical Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Physics


Inorganic Materials Modelling [Code: IMM]

Join us to develop novel functional materials for improving energy efficiency. Research topics are available for example in the fields of thermoelectric energy conversion or Li-ion battery materials. The research is carried out with quantum chemical materials modelling methods.

Applications from both BSc and MSc students are welcome. Previous experience in computational chemistry, solid-state chemistry, or Python programming is useful, but not required.

Further information: Prof. Antti Karttunen


Novel functional metal-organic thin films for energy-related applications [Code: ALD/MLD]

We look for excellent students in particularly interested in/planning to focus on inorganic materials chemistry.

Further information: prof. Maarit Karppinen



Submit your application through our recruiting system by using "Apply now!" link below. Please include the following documents:

  • cv
  • study records

You can apply for one or several of the open positions. Please mark the task codes of the positions you are interested in under the “Further information on the positions that you are interested in” question. Prioritize your choices with numbers; 1.) code for your first choice, 2.) code for your second choice, etc.

Application period closes on February 16, 2020 but we will start reviewing candidates immediately.



If you wish to hear more about the positions, contact the named contact person in each task by email; [email protected]

In recruitment process relating questions, please contact HR Coordinator Isabella Itäpalo, isabella.itapalo(at)

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