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Doctoral candidate or Postdoctoral researcher for Perceptual audio quality of virtual and augmented reality and hear-through devices

Postdoctoral researcher / Doctoral candidate position for Perceptual audio quality of virtual and augmented reality and hear-through devices

The Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics is seeking an outstanding doctoral candidate for research in perceptual audio quality of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR/XR) applications. The doctoral candidate position is available in the communication acoustics research group of Prof. Ville Pulkki. Applicants interested in other research topics related to communication acoustics, VR/AR/XR applications, and spatial audio are also welcome to apply.


Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR/XR) technologies recently reached the consumer mass-market and spawned a wide range of promising applications. While technological development is fast-paced, the measurement of perceptual quality of the experience remains vague. Particularly, 6-Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) scenarios, where XR users can freely move in virtual space and interact with virtual sound objects, are challenging to evaluate. The development of robust perceptual quality measures, efficient testing procedures provide a possibility to enhance the reliability and technical development of XR applications.

The candidate will investigate the use of spatial auditory displays in different conditions such as hear-through sound, recorded material, synthetic scenes, and mixed reality. Thus, potentially, providing a radical shift in the way VR audio systems are designed and implemented throughout various application types. The effect of the parameters of audio devices, sound reproduction techniques, and head tracking latency and accuracy will be studied.

The candidate will perform experimental studies and numerical analyses to investigate the performance of spatial audio reproduction in dynamic and interactive virtual environments. The research will take into account auditory models and binaural listening, room acoustics, sound source modeling, and perceptual test design.


The candidate should have a master’s degree in relevant area, with excellent or very good grades. The ideal candidate also has a background in auditory perception and digital signal processing. Knowledge of virtual reality applications is considered an advantage. The capability to collaborate in an international research community with the English language is also needed.

The positions are funded for two years (postdoctoral position) and 2+2 years (doctoral candidate position).

If you are interested in this opportunity, apply by submitting the following documents in English and in electrical form (use the pdf format only) by January 31, 2020. Send your application, CV, a transcript of academic records and references directly by email to Professor Ville Pulkki [email protected]. Please insert the subject line “postdoctoral researcher or doctoral candidate 2020”. If any questions, do not hesitate to contact directly. 

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