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2021 Summer Jobs at the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering

The Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering (ELE) conducts research and arranges related courses in the field of electromagnetics, micro and nanotechnology, radio engineering, and space technology featuring an international team of over 150 Researchers and Research Assistants. The Department is part of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (Aalto ELEC) with world-class research facilities and instruments.

The ELE Department is now looking for Bachelor or Master students for several


How to apply?
Please submit your application through our recruiting system by using "Apply now!"  link on the bottom of this page. Please include the following documents:

  • CV
  • study records.

You can apply for one or several of the open positions. Please mark the codes of the positions you are interested in under the field “Further information on the positions that you are interested in”. Prioritize your choices with numbers; 1.) code for your first choice, 2.) code for your second choice, etc.

Depending on the position, the summer job will last for max.4 months and is carried out between May and September 2021. Please note that these positions are available for undergraduate students only.

If you are interested in any of the positions, we are really looking forwards to hearing from you – please leave your application as soon as possible, but latest at 8 February 2021. We will start reviewing candidates immediately,and the positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates are found.

In recruitment process relating questions, please contact HR Secretary Emma Malmi ([email protected]).

Please find a list of open positions per research group below and detailed descriptions of the positions here:

List of open positions:


Photonics – Learn more about the research group here

  • Manipulating light at the nanoscale / Code: [2D-Nano]
  • Ultrafast camera to record electrical dynamics / Code: [2D-Ultrafast]
  • Nonlinear photonics with nanomaterials / Code: [2D-Photon]

Electron physics – Learn more about the research group here

  • High-performance semiconductor devices / Code: [SEMI]

Organic electronics – Learn more about the research group here

  • Materials and interfaces to enhance organic devices performances / Code: [ORGANIC]

Micro and quantum systems – Learn more about the research group here

  • Renewable hydrogen production by solar photoelectrochemical water splitting: fabrication and characterization of semiconductor and catalytic materials / Code: [MQS1]
  • Experimental work on novel materials for carbon dioxide catalysis: fabrication and optical characterization of catalysts, for energy applications / Code: [MQS2]
  • Computer simulations of nanoscale physical systems / Code: [MQS3]
  • Nanostructured materials for thermoelectrics / Code: [MQS4]
  • Experimental quantum illumination / Code: [MQS5]
  • Role of entanglement and contextuality in quantum computational speedup / Code: [MQS6]
  • Genetic design of quantum algorithms for problems related to post-quantum cryptography / Code: [MQS7]
  • Quantum machine learning in the NISQ era / Code: [MQS8]


Antennas and propagation – Learn more about the research group here

  • Fabrication of antenna arrays for 5G infrastructure / Code: [SMARTWALLS]
  • Programming waveforms and algorithms in universal software defined peripherals / Code: [USRP]
  • Millimeter-wave antenna and field measurements for future generation cellular / Code: [MEAS]

Antennas and wireless sensors – Learn more about the research group here

  • Advanced mobile antennas / Code: [MOBANT]
  • Millimeter-wave antennas / Code: [MMWANT]
  • RF power transfer for wireless devices / Code: [RFPT]

Electronic circuit design – Learn more about the research group here

  • Open source Risc-V microprocesser implementation with Chisel / Code: [IC_Processor]
  • Digital circuit design implementations for 6G and beyond SoCs / Code: [IC_PROG_6G]
  • Analog building block design with Berkeley Analog Generator / Code: [IC_BAG]
  • Integrated Circuits for 6G communications / Code: [IC_6G]
  • Integrated circuit design for AI accelerators / Code: [ICD-AI]
  • Implementing probabilistic Artificial Intelligence models on edge devices / Code: [AI-M]

Millimetre wave and THz techniques – Learn more about the research group here

  • Near-field measurements with DNN-based beamforming arrays / Code: [THZ_DNN]
  • Design, construction, and testing of quasioptical systems for submillimeter wave and THz research / Code: [THZ_QUASI]
  • THz medical imaging using with photoconductive and RF multiplier sources / Code: [THZ_MEDI]


Space technology – Learn more about the research group here

  • Foresail Test Assistant / Code: [Foresail]
  • Aalto-3 satellite development engineer / Code: [A3-SD]
  • SAR Remote Sensing and AI / Code: [SAR-AI]
  • Aalto Satellites Media for outreach / Code: [SAMI]

Metsähovi Radio Observatory – Learn more about the observatory here

  • Observations at the Metsähovi Radio Observatory / Code: [MRO]


Advanced electromagnetic materials and structures – Learn more about the research group here /

  • Temporal modulation for exceeding conventional limitations in electromagnetic (optical) engineering / Code: [META1]
  • Self-tuning wireless power transfer systems based on transmission line-embedded antennas / Code: [META2]
  • Free-positioning wireless power transfer systems for movable small electric vehicles / Code: [META3]



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