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Welcome! Here you will find information about and links to wellbeing services at Aalto University.

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Student reading at Harald Herlin Center. Photo by Suvi Helko, 2022.
Student reading at Harald Herlin Center. Photo by Suvi Helko, 2022.
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How to use music as a wellbeing tool?

Music is a way to convey certain kinds of emotional states and experiences through sounds. Hence, music can be used to aim for suitable emotional states.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Inclusive European student mobility being developed in Unite's new project IDEM

The aim is to facilitate, for example, the full participation of students with disabilities and refugee backgrounds in exchange and mobility programs.

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The goal of Aalto’s wellbeing operations is to build the community by supporting the individual

Aalto University offers you easily accessible support for your studies and all wellbeing-related questions and concerns that you may have. All wellbeing operations at Aalto aim to build inclusive community wellbeing where no individual is left behind.

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Surviving your career path workshop 27.4.2022

Welcome to Surviving your career path, a Learning Cafe event where we will discuss experienced problems, as well as support and solutions related to themes such as "Representing a minority in my own field" and "Entrepreneurship and leadership as a career path". Last day to sign up 22.4.2022!

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CampusOmstart! stream from 9.3.2022

A recorded stream by OUBS for the Students Union AYY, from the CampusOmstart! happening on March 9, 2022.

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Starting Point of Wellbeing

Starting Point of Wellbeing

The Starting Point of Wellbeing offers students advice and guidance on services related to wellbeing.

Study at Aalto
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Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings to light already existing courses in Aalto University on values and meaningfulness, self-leadership, societal impact, human potential and well-being.

Study at Aalto
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Supporting the international student exchange

At the School of Business, we encourage all students to become more internationally orientated during their studies by providing a grant to every student going on exchange abroad. By donating, you help our students gain important expertise, which is crucial for Finland’s competitiveness.

School of Business

Supporting student wellbeing and ability to study

After replying to the AllWell? questionnaire, the students get personal feedback on their strengths as well as tips for personal development in study skills and study well-being.

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Individual study arrangements

Each Aalto student has a right to reasonable individual study arrangements due to an impairment restricting his/her ability to study or other health condition.


Drop-in-service counselling (Starting Point of Wellbeing) with Aalto's study and career counselling psychologists

Free, confidential and secure drop-in-service counselling online from Monday to Friday, 10.00–11.00.

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The Best Thing Today podcast series

The Best Thing Today is a podcast series by Aalto study, career and advanced study psychologists.

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Academic advising

Academic advising is a part of advising system that covers the whole study path of the student. Attending academic advising is a part of studies.

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Oasis of Radical Wellbeing blogs (external link)

Read more about radical wellbeing. From Oasis crew and our guests.


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Campus restaurants’ opening hours during the summer 2022

Campus restaurants have reduced opening hours in the summer.
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The first-year School of Business students received tips from alumni to support the major choice

Alumni gave tips to first-year students, the mursus, to support their choice of major at Meet Your Community event.
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Learn to sail skilfully through uncertain times

Join the capacity building workshop in May to increase your capacity for change, learn to rely on your intuition and challenge the current perceptions of learning and problem-solving
Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering students on a course on electronics.
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Students are your most important resource, says TEK — Organisation has made 1.2 million euro donation to tech-sector universities

Aalto's share of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK's donation is 370 000 euros. At Aalto, students' coping is supported by developing teaching and support services, monitoring student wellbeing and strengthening the wellbeing of the entire community.

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Online event

TEK Academy: Viekö väsymys valmistuneet eri urille? (in Finnish)

Tervetuloa kuulemaan, mitä TEK Graduate Surveyn tulokset kertovat vastavalmistuneiden jaksamisesta.
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