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Welcome! Here you will find information about wellbeing and links to wellbeing services at Aalto University. This page is especially for Aalto faculty and staff.

AllWell? 2022 results in Power BI

The 2022 AllWell? well-being survey was conducted 16.2.-2.3. among all 2nd-year bachelor’s degree students and 1st-year master’s degree students at Aalto University. Results can be now found from Power BI!

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AllWell Results in Power BI
Väsynyt ihminen

TEK Academy: Viekö väsymys valmistuneet eri urille? (in Finnish)

Tervetuloa kuulemaan, mitä TEK Graduate Surveyn tulokset kertovat vastavalmistuneiden jaksamisesta.

Provost Kristiina Mäkelä. Photo: Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Future-led Learning podcast, part 9: Kristiina Mäkelä, provost (external link)

Riikka Evans takes a closer look at Aalto University’s teaching competence assessment process and other teaching related matters with provost Kristiina Mäkelä.

teaching wellbeing

Wellbeing in teaching

Recently the higher education field and its teaching have been shaken by many changes. It makes us ask what is high quality teaching nowadays and how is it achieved? How can the wellbeing of the teachers and the students be taken into account at the same time? Pedagogical wellbeing entails both teaher and student perspective. Our aim is to support pedagogical wellbeing in all Aalto community.

Student looking at the Aalto campus, CampusOmstart logo in the left corner

CampusOmstart! stream from 9.3.2022 (external link)

A recorded stream by OUBS for the Students Union AYY, from the CampusOmstart! happening on March 9, 2022.


Three people in a calm environment on their knees with different distance to camera, all facing right.
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Learn to sail skilfully through uncertain times

Join the capacity building workshop in May to increase your capacity for change, learn to rely on your intuition and challenge the current perceptions of learning and problem-solving
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Inclusive European student mobility being developed in Unite's new project IDEM

The aim is to facilitate, for example, the full participation of students with disabilities and refugee backgrounds in exchange and mobility programs.
Wellbeing Desk for Aalto personnel logo
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A new service promoting wellbeing and work ability available for Aalto's personnel

Wellbeing Desk provides low-threshold wellbeing services for the personnel at Aalto University.
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Warm toes and a warm mind – knit a pair of new Aalto socks for yourself or your loved ones!

Wool socks are used in Finland all year round. Would you like to knit some logo socks or a pair of pattern socks? Or perhaps both?
Group of student working together

Agreeing guidelines for inclusive interaction in course

Inclusive teaching practices are inseparable from high quality teaching practices, so inclusive teaching affects all aspects of a course and learning experience.  

Students in a lecture hall

Supporting students' sense of community and belonging

Central to community and inclusion is that the community members feel accepted and valued as themselves. Belonging to a study community means gaining experiences of the relevance of studies and identification with the student community. The sense of belonging is unique and can only be triggered if students identify themselves with the community. That is why it is important to think how to create and promote the sense of inclusion in your teaching.

Students at campus

Development agenda for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

EDI Plan summarise the principles and actions towards more equal, diverse and inclusive community.

Aalto University
Kuva oppimiskeskuksen tilasta

Services and trainings to support self-leadership

Changes in working life require versatile self-leadership skills.

The Future-led Learning Podcast is hosted by Riikka Evans. Photograph: Janne Illman.

Future-led Learning podcast

The Future-led Learning podcast offers a platform for university educators to reflect their ideas about teaching and learning.

Wellbeing desk services at Aalto university

Wellbeing Desk

Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service point for all Aalto personnel.


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