Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Concrete development targets for Oasis

Oasis' concrete development targets include the Oasis Media Hub, which focuses on communication issues, the development of well-being services for teachers and other staff, e.g. Using the How You Teach well-being survey and the easily accessible wellness service Wellbeing Desk, piloting the renewal of study guidance with Aalto ARTS and developing the Personal Impact course offering.
Oasis of Radical Wellbeing 2021
Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Media HUB

The Oasis of Radical Wellbeing Media Hub aims to increase information, awareness and discussion about wellbeing and inclusion by creating a website, an Instagram account (Aalto Wellbeing) for the Aalto community and other social media tools and events. The Media Hub produces e.g. video content and podcasts for use as part of studies and community development work.

Wellbeing Desk - to support all staff

Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service point for all of Aalto's personnel, where you can get advice and service guidance on matters related to well-being at work and ability to work. Wellbeing Desk brings together the support services provided by Aalto's various actors and partners. The desk's operations are implemented in a multi-channel manner, as a virtual service point andas a service point in the Undergraduate Center (Otakaari 1).

Developing the wellbeing of teachers

Oasis provides concrete services, such as the How You Teach survey for teachers, and material on wellbeing. Oasis is happy to attend events and produce workshops and lectures.

Development of study guidance activities

Aalto ARTS is piloting the role of study supervisor. The study counselor meets students at individual clinics and acts as a neutral body for the student in supporting their studies. The study supervisor can also support ARTS staff and academic advisors in matters of supervision.

Personal Impact

Personal Impact brings together the courses with credit points taught at Aalto, for example on self-management, values, meaningfulness and wellbeing. The courses provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s own values, beliefs, and goals, either in internal dialogue or in conversations with others. The goal is to make courses available to everyone who deals with human interaction, people in organizations, and personal growth.

Students may complete the courses offered in Personal Impact, either as part of their compulsory or elective studies, depending on their program. The courses make it possible to meet other students from all over the university, from all fields. Teachers can complete Personal Impact studies as part of their pedagogical training.

New in Personal Impact is the possibility to include credits in gender studies. A MOOC for wellbeing is under development.


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