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Matti Kummu
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Associate Professor Matti Kummu understands the importance of water in all life

From being a young researcher in a development project in Cambodia to being an Associate Professor at Aalto, Matti Kummu has had an impact on not just on research, but also on his colleagues as a researcher, teacher and mentor in the field of water resources.
Emilia Lahti archives
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Journal awards Emilia Lahti's sisu study as article of the year

Other parts of Emilia Lahti's dissertation examine sisu from the angles of ultra-running and systems intelligence. The hybrid-type doctoral thesis is in its final stretch.

Renewal of student restaurant – students' multidisciplinary approach valued by client

Fazer Food Services will use the results of the project to develop the processes of its restaurants.
Studies, Cooperation

Catalyst could help bleach pulp in seconds

In addition to time, a promising invention in the field of chemical technology could also save energy and chemicals.
Research & Art
Catalyst could help bleach pulp in seconds photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu

Researchers prefer citing researchers of good reputation

If a scientist has a good reputation among his colleagues, other scientists are more likely to cite his publications.
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Aalto University visibly present at Frankfurt Book Fair

Teaching innovations, graphic expertise, spatial design, art and literature.
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Aalto University visibly present at Frankfurt Book Fair

The CEMS MIM programme is the world's fifth-best master's degree programme in management

This year, the CEMS MIM programme bagged fifth place in the Financial Times' (FT) international ranking list for master's degree programmes.

80 years of Ceremonial Conferments of Doctoral Degrees in the field of technology

The Aalto University schools of technology will hold a second joint Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Otaniemi on 10 October 2014.

The Energy Garage is open for business!

The Energy Garage is open to everyone, regardless of their degree programme or academic background.
Cooperation, Studies

Docent Markku Hurme receives IChemE Journals 2013 Best Reviewers Award

Based on both the quality and quantity of the reviews, the final 34 winners were evaluated and selected by the Editorial Team.

Scientists demonstrate efficient energy transfer mechanism for graphene sensors and transistors

Aalto University researchers have demonstrated a new type of scattering process to provide an efficient energy transfer mechanism in graphene.
Research & Art

SYSTEM RESEARCH - "Studies from Aalto University in the Area of Neuroscience Described (Neuromagnetic brain responses to other person's eye blinks seen on video)"

Recent findings of the researchers of the Brain Research Unit reveal that eye blinks may relate to the social importance of facial gestures.
Research & Art

Field of Science - Epiphenom: "Supernatural believers see minds at work behind random patterns"

A recent article of the neuroscientists of Aalto University and University of Helsinki, is reviewed in the Field of Science blog -"Epiphenom".
Research & Art

We Go to the Forest in our New Learning Space

The inviting AEREA Forum, in which one can work leaning on a pine trunk or gather on a birch green sofa, was hatched with student strength.


Event highlights of Aalto 


Pedagogical training: Sustainability in Teaching 2-3 cr, elective course, 5.3.-16.4.2021

Are you interested in developing sustainability in your own teaching and discuss the themes with your colleaques? Come and join this new pilot course. Course will also be offered as part of UNITE co-operation to maximum of 5 european teachers.
How to plan a course with entrepreneurial and innovation elements
Conferences and workshops

Train the Trainers: How to design and plan a course with entrepreneurial and innovation elements

A 3-day course, where you will be introduced to an approach to designing and planning a university course combining discipline-specific elements with entrepreneurial and innovation elements.

Defence of Dissertation in the field of Mechanical Engineering , M. Sc. (Tech.) Petri Kalliomäki

Name of the thesis "Exchange airflows through doorways induced by door opening and occupant movement"
On light background, lots of distorted text in a green, serif font. Black title says "How to write a book".
Online event

How to write a book?

Join this event, to learn what writing a book requires, what are good practices to engage in when thinking about writing your own book as well as concrete tools that will help shape your ideas up into a coherent whole.
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