Wellbeing Desk for Aalto personnel returns from summer break

Wellbeing Desk provides low-threshold services to support the wellbeing of Aalto personnel. See below the fall agenda and our new services, including solution-focused coaching.
Wellbeing Desk
Tiina Pylkkönen (guidance and pedagogical support & Open Desk), Merita Petäjä (community psychologist, Open Desk) and Tuuli Asunmaa (guidance and pedagogical support guidance) host Wellbeing Desk during their designated duty hours. Photo: Suvi Helko/Aalto

Do you have concerns to share with occupational safety representatives, shop stewards or harassment contact persons? Do you need guidance or pedagogical support? Would you wish to have help in supporting individual students or group of students in teaching or mentoring situations? Are you concerned about workplace ergonomics or anything else related to wellbeing and ability to work?

An easy way to get started promoting these things is to pop by Aalto's wellbeing experts at Wellbeing Desk, which is open to all Aalto personnel. Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service desk for advice and service guidance, no appointment needed.

During their designated duty hours, Wellbeing Desk provides services of harassment contact persons, occupational safety representatives, occupational health services, staff training and competence development, guidance and pedagogical support, shop stewards, Aalto chaplains and Open Desk.

As a new service, Wellbeing Desk provides solution-focused coaching, for which you can book a personal time slot through Workday Learning. Under the Wellbeing Desk. Under the scope of the Wellbeing Desk activities, there are also EDI-discussions for Aalto personnel about equity, diversity and inclusion at Aalto and the upcoming session of 15.9.2022 goes with a theme LGBTQ+ at Aalto.

You can find the Desk and services at Otakaari 1, Room Y 163. More information and the timetables of each Wellbeing Desk actor are available on website at

Remember to follow also Aalto Wellbeing on Facebook in order to reach information on events, news and information on wellbeing for Aalto personnel!

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing 2022.

Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

On these page you will find information and interesting references to improve wellbeing at Aalto University!

Professor emeritus Esa Saarinen talks about teaching (and a lot more)

OASIS archives: Vice President Petri Suomala zoomed with Dr. Kamilah Majied and discussed equity, inclusivity and diversity. Watch the video!


Wellbeing Desk EDI-session: LGBTQ+ in Aalto

Welcome to a monthly session for Aalto personnel to discuss equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at Aalto University! In the sessions we discuss in small groups about our experiences of EDI at work context. The topic of the 15.9.2022 session is LGBTQ+ at Aalto and the discussion is facilitated by Kasper Kivistö, the chair of Trasek ry and board members of GAYY student association. The EDI sessions are part of Wellbeing Desk services, offering low-threshold services to support the wellbeing of Aalto personnel.

Wellbeing Desk

Wellbeing Desk

Wellbeing Desk is a low-threshold service point for all Aalto personnel.

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