Travel claim system M2 will be renewed in April

Aalto will start using a new travel and expense claim system as the system vendor stops supporting the current system.

M2 will be replaced by a new version called M2 Blue in April.

M2 Blue offers a more user friendly and visually agreeable user interface for making travel and expense claims, yet with current functionalities. You can already take a peek at M2 Blue by clicking “M2 Blue” in the red top bar of the current system’s front page. User manual will be published when the system is officially launched in April.

Along with the M2 system change there will also be changes in the travel booking. More information will be provided later.

You can also watch the video below for a brief introduction on how the system works. Please note that Aalto M2 Blue view is slightly different from the one on the video.

Video (in English):

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