Tip of the Week: Agreements between the school and the departments help communicate about shared goals

The main KPI targets, among other things, are discussed in the agreement.

What is it?

Every year, the School of Engineering and its departments conclude agreements on the departments’ objectives and performance, summarising the discussions between the school’s management and the department. The agreement communicates to the departments what the dean and the management of the department have agreed regarding the department’s contribution to achieving the university’s strategic goals.


The discussions with the departments are conducted under the leadership of the dean twice a year, in spring and in autumn. To allow the departments time to prepare, the school sends the agreement to the departments prior to the autumn discussion. Depending on the department, the controller and the HR coordinator as well as the management of the department participate in the discussion. Other important matters regarding the department can also be brought up in the discussion. The main KPI targets, among other things, are discussed in the agreement. The departments have a realistic picture of the situation: they will know if any of the target figures are too high or too low. In addition, a description of the strategic profile of the department and how it supports the university’s strategy are attached to the agreement.

What is it suitable for?

The practice is suitable for setting objectives and communicating about the objectives and the strategy. Figures always involve operation and with the help of the agreements, it is possible to analyse it.


The agreement ensures that everyone is aware of the goals. The practice supports the school in reaching the set objectives and provides the heads of departments with support in their management work.

What is required?

This practice requires collaboration between the different functions. The different service functions work on the agreements: Leadership Support Services, HR Services, Finance and Learning Services.

Further information:

Soile Koukkari, Development Manager, Aalto ENG, [email protected]

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