Tax cards for 2018 come into effect 1 February

Aalto University receives all 2018 tax cards as an online transfer from the Finnish Tax Administration

The direct transfer covers all employees who have a contract with Aalto University (employees on a monthly salary, hourly-paid teachers or other hourly-paid employees) on December 2017 and continue to work for Aalto on 1 February 2018.

You do not have to submit your tax card as a paper copy to the payroll unless you have made changes to your tax details.

Income limits on the tax card – alternative A and B

The alternative A on the tax card means withholding income tax based on the limit for the month, while alternative B is a limit for the entire year.

The Aalto payroll will automatically adopt alternative A, and alternative B is used only by employee’s request.

If you wish us to use the annual income limit (alternative B) in your taxation, you need to notify Aalto’s payroll by e-mail no later than on 30 January 2018.

Please find payroll contact details on Inside, Payroll and Electronic payslips --> Payroll contact details.

Submitting the tax card is necessary on the following cases (copied/scanned versions are adequate)

  • Revised tax cards

If you have updated your tax card for 2018, you must submit it to the payroll.

  • Recipient of fees

If you have received fees in 2017 but have not been employed by Aalto University, please submit your tax card for 2018 to the payroll to allow the payments in 2018.

  • New employee

If your employment contract has started after 1 January 2018, you must submit your tax card for 2018 to the payroll.

  • In case the online tax data transfer has failed

In such cases, the payroll representative will contact the employee directly.

Please note

You can increase your tax rate by simply notifying Aalto payroll by e-mail. In addition to the new tax rate, please include your name and social security number on the e-mail.

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