Student Even Giske thinks the professionalism of the staff and teachers is the best thing at Aalto University

Even thinks that the the city, the high standard facilities at Aalto, the fantastic public transportation, and the cheap dinner in the cafeteria make the whole student experience easy and great.
Student Even Giske
Even Giske is happy with his studies and wants to encourage international students to apply to Aalto University.

Even Giske is a student of the Master’s Programme in Automation and Electric Engineering majoring in Electrical Power and Energy Engineering. The students of this major have a possibility to extend their studies to a double degree with the Reykjavik University in Iceland. Even is happy with his studies and wants to encourage international students to apply to Aalto University.

Why did you choose the major in Electrical Power and Energy Engineering and Aalto University?

It all started in my apprenticeship as a ship electrician, and with previous experience in the field of electrical engineering in the Norwegian offshore industries. I then wanted to further specialise in the field, by then doing the BSc in renewable energy from NTNU in Norway where I am born. This opportunity was given as a collaboration from Reykjavik University where I did my first year of my Master’s. I wanted to know more about energy production that is not commonly used in Norway. This led to an eagerness to learn more about Finland’s energy production such as coal and nuclear which is quite different from the Norwegian hydropower.

What benefits do you see in the internationality of the programme?

The opportunity to experience a new country and gain an additional diploma from Aalto University. Also, by doing this double degree from Reykjavik we are qualified to receive a year of funds from the Erasmus scholarship which makes attending activities more affordable.

What has been the best part of your studies at Aalto?

The professionality of the staff and teachers during the whole study. Everything from the study plan, the software used, the course structure, and its completion! I got to choose my own path as I had a range of different exciting courses to choose between.

What has been the best part of student life at Aalto?

Apart from being a student at Aalto during the pandemic, the country was rather open in comparison to other countries. I got to experience Finland and Estonia, as it is two countries I had never visited. In addition, travelling to several smaller cities and towns in Finland. Affordable transportation such as trains and ferries make it a perfect place to travel around.

What does the future of the field look like?

The future looks bright, as the world is in a transition of electrification in many sectors. Already nine months before my graduation from Aalto, I received my first full-time job offer. So, it seems like there is a need for personnel with this type of education in the field. The international experience gained by this joint degree is just a bonus.

What would you say to international students who consider coming to Aalto and Finland?

Do it! The city, the high standard facilities at Aalto, the fantastic public transportation, and the cheap dinner in the cafeteria make the whole experience as a student easy and great. Also, now that the pandemic is over, I believe the next students will be able to experience student life even more than I did. I had a great time in Finland nevertheless, as they accommodated the lessons with online studies, but I am pretty sure now that everything is open, they would get an even better experience. I find the Finnish people and culture quite similar to the Norwegian and Icelandic, which is a positive thing as all are very polite!

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Students of School of Electrical Engineering around a robot.

Master's Programme in Automation and Electrical Engineering

The Master’s Programme in Automation and Electrical Engineering prepares its graduates to perform in the intersection between hardware and software, ranging from the fields of Electrical Engineering and Energy sectors to Biomedical Engineering, Control Engineering and Robotics. Drawing from extensive research and fundamental theories in mathematical and natural sciences, the programme focuses on the applicable side of technologies, including topics like Autonomous Systems, Health Technology, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Solutions.

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