Phone Reform – Mobile tools to support Digitalization

Aalto University now wants to enable workers to mobilize and work / travel safely with a refund for purchasing a new mobile phone it will be given until the end of the year.

The refund is 150 € / new or renewed phone, for each employee (over 6 months of employment, but not for undergraduate students). Everyone in this category should have a smartphone and mobile subscription at Aalto University! Also this includes personnel whose phones are outdated technically and security is inadequate. These are the phones: Windows Phones, phones with Android older than 6.0 or Apple phones that will not have support for the iOS 11 coming later this fall (iOs 11 support: iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, SE, 5s) and basic phones.

NOTE! The refund is only given to the models ordered from our list of recommended mobile phones or models that are newer version of the listed phones or same models but better versions. Orderes need to be done via centralized IT Procurement for the refund.

You can find the list of recommended phone models here:  and ordering of the mobile phones and subscriptions is to be done via our electronic order form:

We also already have mobile applications that support our work and more is coming!

Elisa Mobile Certificate can be taken into use in Aalto Universitys mobile subscriptions at this will make it easier to sign up for existing services as well as for future ones.
What you need to get started: Elisa's subscription, smartphone and Finnish online banking key’s for registration.(unfortunately some banks require you to go to the ElisaShopit for registration)

Mobile phone and mobile subscription are connected to work- and travel safety via for example emergency communication and big part of this campaign is that everyone should have their correct phone number information in Aalto systems. Everyone can check and update their contact information in or



Petrus Kiiski
Aalto ITS

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