New MyCourses workspaces will be created 1.8.2017

New workspaces for the academic year 2017-2018 will be created 1.8., based on Oodi information, and they are ready for use 2.8. at the latest.

Teachers can import contents from their previous course work space; read instructions here:

If you want to work with  your course during the summer, you can import contents from your course to your sandbox workspace and then later to the course workspace.

If you need a sandbox, order it now: Sandbox request

Note! Do not reuse your course workspace. The students will get access to the new course workspace after Oodi registration.

 MyCourses was updated to a new version 12.6. 

Update info:
See a video on new features in navigation
See a video on new editing options

MyCourses support and feedback: [email protected]

We wish you all a nice and warm summer!


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