New MyCourses workspaces are ready to use

MyCourses workspaces for the academic year 2017-2018 are created and ready to use.

Teachers find their workspaces after logging in to MyCourses, under My own courses list. Please, do not reuse workspaces. Teachers can import content from their old workspace. 

 Instructions for import:

New MyCourses version

MyCourses was updated to a new version (Moodle 3.2) in June. Navigation can now be opened and revealed from the upper left corner (“hamburger icon”). Editing options open behind the gear in upper right corner of each activity and resource.

You can have a tour in MyCourses to learn about the new options.

See a video on new navigation
See a video on new editing options
Update info:

We are pleased to help you with MyCourses. Please, join our trainings or request a consultation for you or your team.

Help and questions  [email protected]
Trainings, also see in Inside Upcoming Staff Trainings list.
MyCourses instructions


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