New Electronic IT-Device order form and order process renewal

New Electronic Order Form for ordering IT-Devices, phones etc. is now in use for all Aalto University employees.

The new order form was under pilot testing from May till this day. So, in the future, there is only one order form via with you can order everything that before needed two different order forms. Of course, it is simpler to order all other possible products form different suppliers, as now all items under the contracts are seen and available from suppliers website(PunchOut). These sites can be visited straight from the order form.

Integration works with Dustin, our PC vendor and Telia mobile phone supplier, and this is Version 1 of the form. Now, orders from Dustin and Telia are done in so-called PunchOut website, the form can be used to examine our contract products as well as any other IT equipment and device that is needed from our contract suppliers. The shopping cart is imported from the device suppliers PunchOut website to the form and then the approval is handled pretty much as it were before. For now IlonaIT (Apple computers) and Elisa's mobile subscription orders will continue to go through centralized IT procurement. We also try to get order integration with IlonaIT during this year.

The new order form is also hoped to be used for examining products before possible orders, so you can study our contract products and any other necessary itmes without having to order them.

Lists of computers and phones are not upgraded in Inside's product lists anymore. Device suppliers keep our contract / promotional products in their online shopping lists with the relevant accessories.

Order confirmations and admission notes will be sent directly to the orderer, as orders will go directly through the integrations to the device suppliers (for now, excluding IlonaIT and Elisa). From order confirmations and admission notes, you will find the contact details of the device suppliers customer service, which you can directly contact if you have questions about your order.

Old order forms will stay alongside for a while so that we can see orders roll out normally with the new order channel. Please report any problems with ordering, etc. at [email protected]


Petrus Kiiski
Aalto ITS

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