Laura Sivula appointed Business Area Director for Lifewide Learning

In her new role, Sivula works as a Business Area Director at both Aalto University and Aalto EE, developing the lifewide learning portfolio.
Laura Sivula stands and looks at the camera smiling at Töölö campus
Photo: Johnny Jussila / Aalto University Executive Education Oy

Laura Sivula, has been appointed Business Area Director at Aalto EE and Aalto University. She is responsible for Lifewide learning business area portfolio, which includes inclusive, low-threshold programs and courses. Lifewide learning combines the portfolio of Aalto EE and Aalto University that is directly applicable to learner's work-life. Since 2016, she has worked at the Aalto University School of Business as a Program Director and in roles related to developing teaching.

In her new role, Sivula works as a Business Area Director at both Aalto University and Aalto EE, developing the lifewide learning portfolio.

“The need to learn permeates all fields, organizations, and professions. Aalto University and Aalto EE in cooperation have a unique opportunity to offer new learning solutions based on degree education and research in an easily accessible form,” says Sivula.

“We will see big changes in the field of lifewide learning, especially in terms of platform-based learning and smaller learning entities. The Aalto community’s strong expertise in digitalization will support lifewide learning in the development of operating models.”

Further information

Laura Sivula
Business Area Director, Lifewide learning
Aalto University
Aalto University Executive Education Ltd
Tel. +358 50 384 7228
[email protected][email protected]

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Aalto ACCESS offers inclusive, easily approachable topics and learning contents that bring together Aalto University’s bachelor and master’s students with individuals interested in lifewide learning opportunities both online and on-site.

Laura Sivula valokuvattuna ulkona, kaupunkimaisemassa, taustalla näkyy kerrostaloja, kuvan oikeassa yläkulmassa on männyn oksa, Sivula on pukeutunut mekkoon, jonka helma hulmuaa, hänellä on jalassa valkoiset tennarit.

Everyday choices: As an expert of lifewide learning, what skill did you learn most recently, Laura Sivula?

The Head of Aalto's Summer School and an expert of life-wide learning is constantly trying to learn new things.

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