AaltoSDG competition running in June

Participate in sustainability actions through AaltoSDG application in June and win movie tickets.
Competition time

Let's get inspired together and take action for a better future!

The beginning of June kicks off a competition for novice and more experienced AaltoSDG mobile application users: share a picture on social media of you participating in AaltoSDG mobile application challenges and win movie tickets. You can also share your experiences with the app in general.

To take part in the competition post a picture with the hashtag #AaltoSDG and tag @AaltoASH on Facebook and Twitter or @aaltosdg on Instagram. You can share several pictures to increase your chances of winning.

Three lucky participants will receive prizes for their sustainability actions at the end of June. The competition is running between June 1st and 28th.

Download AaltoSDG from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Read more about AaltoSDG.

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