Aalto University alumni network calls alumni to help Ukraine

We at Aalto alumni network are deeply disturbed by the horrors Ukrainian people are facing. We are 100,000 resourceful and capable individuals around the world, and we need to put our best foot forward to help.
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We would like to crowdsource ideas – small or big – what each and every one of us could do: make a donation, provide workspace or accommodation to people in need, contribute to white hat hacker efforts, supplies, or something else. Your idea and effort could be rapidly amplified when fellow alumni join!

Join the discussion

To submit your idea, or a link to a recommended donation website, or any other type of suggestion, we have started a discussion thread in our digital community Aalto Alumni Circle, which is accessible to Aalto alumni and students only.

Please join the discussion here

The board members of the Aalto alumni network have already entered their first ideas in the discussion thread. Please see if you can join one of those initiatives or add in your own idea.

If you do not have access to Aalto Alumni Circle you can register here

Alternatively, you can just go ahead considering, for example, the following notable charity organizations:

If you would just like to talk with people and ventilate your thoughts, we recommend the following discussion forums (in Finnish):

In times like these, every act counts! If anyone, Aalto alumni have the brainpower and capabilities to make a difference!

 Kaj Hagros

Kaj Hagros

Chair of the Board of the Aalto University Alumni Network
 Niko Ferm

Niko Ferm

Chair of the Aalto University Alumni Council
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