Aalto Club's Fiskars Village summer trip: history and culture in a green surroundings

Aalto Club aims to promote the informal networking of Aalto University’s Finnish and International staff members and their families.

Picture 1 & 2

On Friday 9 June 2017 Aalto Club with almost 50 staff and family members took over the Fiskars Village at the municipality of Raasepori.
It was the first time Aalto Club's summer trip headed to the pittoresque Fiskars Village, and it might be that the trip is renewed in the future; there is so much to see and enjoy.

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In the beginning we enjoyed one hour guided walking tours, where we learned both the history and the activities of today at the Fiskars Village.

Did you know that the iron used at the Fiskars Village back in the time was shipped all the way from Sweden? We also learned that C.L Engel was the architect of many of the buildings at the Fiskars Village. You definitely can see similarities with the Helsinki's Senate square buildings, the main works of  C.L. Engel.

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After the tour, we had time to stroll around the village, visit the many shops and cafes and enjoy the nature and the surroundings.


Pictures: 1,2,4,5 Rui Guo, 3 & 6 Jenni Ståhl


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