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On this page, you can find news and blog posts about the project, as well as instructions on how to make most out of Please note, that some content, such as internal news, is only visible for logged-in users.

The project for renewing was kick-started at the end of 2017 with moving all site content and integrating Inside to the new content management system. The aim of the project is to create a digital extension of our campus – a communications platform – which provides an easy starting point for everyone’s day. Finding information and sharing it, performing tasks, as well as finding people, is made as easy as can be. The project is part of Aalto University's digitalisation project and spans over four years. is currently the beta version of the site, which means that it's being constantly improved. If you have any feedback regarding the new site, please send it to [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your help!

Art piece from exhibition Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors in 2013, yellow threads stretched and "floating" between two points in an angle. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen blog

The blog, dedicated to the new, offers information about the development process and updates of the newest features and functions added to the site. Follow the blog and keep abreast of the latest developments!

Dipoli artworks

Automatic liftups wizardry

Trying to create automatic newsfeeds or list your upcoming events? The second blog post in the series about liftup components presents automatic liftups.

Connecting your content with a single liftup

Liftups are the core of structure. With them, you can connect content and visualize your page. Read more on how to use single liftup component in a creative way!
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Launching the new

The new, renewed has been launched in stages starting in the beginning of October. The launch process begins with publishing one of the main hubs, Study at Aalto, which has not been visible on the new site before now. renewal blog graphic

Siteimprove helps you polish the content

Siteimprove is a tool that helps the editors in improving the quality of the content. It automatically scans the pages, and seeks for improvements, such as broken links and misspellings.

Components: how to create content?

Here you can find the components that can be used on and what they are meant for.

Components introduced
Drupal image for Comms use only. Abstract image, yellow. tutorial videos and guidelines

In addition to the Drupal components, you have tutorial videos to guide you in easy steps on how to create your content.

Also, see all Drupal guidelines for further assistance in creating your content. tutorial – new site structure

This tutorial video, together with other ones to follow in the near future, will help you get to know the new platform – – and its features.

Tutorial graphic 1 tutorial – build an event page

Event pages offer a set of functionalities to help you address all the necessary information to users.

Thumbnail for a Drupal tutorial, no photographer information. tutorial – create an article page

An article page can be used to present any type of information or content. The topic can be, for example, collaboration options, a certain research area or architecture in Otaniemi. Here's how to do that.

title graphic - how to create an article page tutorial – liftups

We introduce a new component – liftup – that links one page to another. This tutorial explains how to do that, and automatically feed content by using the liftup component.

What are the liftups graphic tutorial – content tagging

To help the end users find interesting content, Content tags are used to this end. With tags, users can search and filter content and discover new things.

Tutorial graphic 2
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