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This page collects Aalto Töölö workiste news. Stay informed about what is happening on the site of the modernisation of the former main building of the School of Business.
Aalto Töölö julkisivu työmaalla

Weekly bulletin – week 50/2019

Kuluneen viikon TOP 3

  • Pillar coatings
    • Coating of new pillars in the load-bearing wall openings in the block on the Lutherinkatu side has begun.
  • Leveling and painting work
    • Leveling and painting work on the sixth floor of the Lutherinkatu side of the building.
  • AC engine rooms
    • On the fourth floor of the Arkadiankatu side, the floor of the AC engine room has been coated and the AC machine has been lifted on the floor.
    • Installation of the AC machines in the Lutherinkatu block has begun.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,6 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 49/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • dB ceiling
    • The dB ceiling work on the block on the Arkadiankatu side has progressed to the first floor.
  • Casting the floor
    • On the block facing Lutherinkatu, a floor tile on the first floor was cast.
  • Openings on the load-bearing wall
    • Openings on the load-bearing wall are mainly done.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,1 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 48/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Floor coatings
    • The first carpets have been installed on the floors of the computer rooms.
  • Worksite indoor conditions
    • The temperature and humidity of the worksite are monitored in critical locations with monitoring sensors and meters. The sensors transmit hourly conditions to the on-site information display. This allows us to react to changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Temporary heaters and installed radiators keep the worksite warm.
  • Worksite outdoor conditions
    • Especially in the mornings it is dark outside during this time of the year. Therefore the lighting of the worksite is of great importance for occupational safety. We also prepare for the arrival of winter and slippery conditions.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 95,8 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 47/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Floor coating
    • Coating of the floors has started with polyurethane coating in the technical spaces.
  • Lobby extension
    • The frame of the lobby extension has been erected. The steel frame of the glass walls is being installed.
  • Waste room roof
    • The roof of the waste room was cast this week.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,7 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 46/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Window renovations
    • The first refurbished windows have arrived and have been reinstalled.
  • Waste room
    • Work outside the waste room. The doorways have been pierced in the stone walls and new walls have been built.
  • Building service systems
    • Electrical and plumbing work is progressing well. In most of the radiators heat has been turned on. Also the the CIPP lining process of the rainwater drains is almost complete.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 96,7 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 45/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Building of the kitchen partition walls
    • Building of the kitchen partition walls has begun
  • Concreting the 6th floor vault
    • The 6th floor vault and the roof slab of the elevator shaft were concreted this week
  • Projection test
    •  The image of the proximity projector was viewed with three different wall surface paint techniques.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 96,8 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 44/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Partition walls
    • Work on partition walls, as well as leveling and painting work is ongoing.
  • Waste room
    • Sawing of new door openings in the waste room is ongoing.
  • Elevator shaft
    • The elevator shaft on the Lutherinkatu side has been concreted to the sixth floor.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,9 %.

Weekly bulletin – week 43/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Casting the kitchen floor
  • Overview of color swatches in the AEE spaces
    • The color scheme of the AEE spaces was decided on Monday.
  • Reinforcement walls
    • Steel reinforcements in the block on the Lutherinkatu side of the building.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 98,4%.

Weekly bulletin – week 42/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Doorway in the stone wall of the waste room
    • A doorway has been pierced in the stone wall on the Arkadiankatu side of the building, where the new waste room will be placed.
  • Roof safety system
    • The roof bollards and the roof safety system have been installed.
  • Scanning of iron reinforcements
    • 3D ultrasound examination of concrete structures investigates e.g. locations of steel, pipes and cables without opening the structures.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,0 %.

Weekly bulletin - week 41/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • The building’s own heating system has been partly returned to use
  • The quarrying work for the waste room nearly complete
  • Openings in the load-bearing wall nearly complete

Score of the TR indicator this week is 92,5 %.

Weekly bulletin - week 40/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Electrical wiring
    • Installing cable trays is nearly done, and electrical wiring work was started for the block on the Lutherinkatu side.
  • Smoothing and painting
    • Seaming and smoothing the interior walls is also coming along nicely.
  • Floor for the commercial kitchen
    • The floor drains and sewage for the kitchen were installed and reinforcement work is currently undergoing.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,4%.

Weekly bulletin - week 39/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Installing drains for the commercial kitchen
    • A commercial kitchen will be built in the section on the Arkadiankatu side. The work is at full speed. This week we installed the floor drains, and will continue constructing the kitchen during the upcoming weeks. The locations of the drains determine where all the different appliances will be installed.
  • Digging work for a grease separator
    • A grease separator will be installed for the commercial kitchen. All grease from the kitchen's wastewater is collected in the separator, which reduces clogging.
  • Installing heating

Score of the TR indicator this week is 97,9%.

Weekly bulletin - week 38/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Creating openings in a load-bearing wall
    • A thick load-bearing wall made from brick runs between the Arkadiankatu and Lutherinkatu sections. New openings will be made into that wall. During the work, some temporary support structures will be built. The openings will then be reinforced with steel.
  • Installing interior walls
  • Concreting the elevator shaft
    • The first floor of the new elevator shaft was concreted this week.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 98,1%.

Weekly bulletin - week 37/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Window renovations
    • The windows will be taken out and renovated at the contractor’s workshop. The frames and sills will be repaired at the site.
  • HVAC installations
    • Installation work for radiators and AC was started.
  • Concreting the elevator frame in the kitchen.
    • Reinforcing and filling the old elevator shaft in the kitchen.

Weekly bulletin - week 36/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Concreting the elevator pit for the elevator shaft in the Lutherinkatu wing.
  • The first air conditioning equipment was lifted to the sixth floor.
  • Work began on creating new openings in the load-bearing wall from the Arkadiankatu side.

Weekly bulletin - week 35/2019

TOP 3 this week

  • Filling work for intermediate floors on C block’s 1st floor
  • Installing pillars and the beam for the lobby extension on 2nd floor.
  • Work on ducts for the AC began.

Score of the TR indicator this week is 98,0%.

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