Digi Research Themes

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Four multidisciplinary areas showcase Aalto's research related to digital technologies.

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Aalto Digi Platform
Junction 2017 – virtual reality

Culture, Society and Living

E-learning, service robots, smart homes and virtual & augmented reality are just a few examples of how new technologies are changing our everyday lives.

Aalto Digi Platform
Henkilö seisoo pimeässä ja hänen taustalleen on heijastettu vihreää koodia.

Computer and Data Science

Computation and data analysis are at the core of digital technologies.

Aalto Digi Platform
Digital Disruption of Industry studies how digitalisation changes industry

Engineering and Industry

Robotics and industrial electronics support the digital transformation of industry. Industrial internet and 5G are examples of research areas with industrial applications in Aalto.

Aalto Digi Platform
Aalto University / picture: Unto Rautio

Business, Economy and Services

Research in this area explores ways of current and future use of business technology and develops new digital products and services.