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TwinRotor Demo Day 13.12.2019

The demo day will feature results of the research project and a demonstrations in the ARotor research environment.
Exhibitions and fairs
Otakaari 4
Presentations at seminar hall 216, Otakaari 4, 02150 Espoo
Paper machine roll at Aalto University ARotor lab

Defence from field of mechanical engineering M. Sc. (Tec) Tiina Myllymaa

Upgrading of waste streams into fuel by means of drying with low temperature excess heat - a techno-economic evaluation
Konetekniikka 1, 02150 Espoo
Hall 216

Defence from field of mechanical engineering M. Ms. (Tech.) Ville Klar

Spinning and additive manufacturing of native cellulose structures
Konetekniikka 1, sali 216, 02150 Espoo
Hall 216