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Defence of dissertation in the field of land use planning, Sirkku Wallin, M.Sc.

Citizens promoting urban development and challenging urban planning system.
Otakaari 4
Lecture hall K216

Lähiöfest Seminar: People-Driven City 2019

‘People-Driven City’ is the main conference of ‘Lähiöfest’ – festival of neighbourhoods. In 2019 Lähiöfest takes place in four different Finnish cities: Espoo, Riihimäki, Kauniainen and Helsinki.
Lectures and seminars
Lähiöfest logo 2019

Defence of dissertation in the field of Water and Environmental Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech.) Heidi Salo

The title of dissertation is "Assessing the effects of subsurface drainage on hydrogeology and nitrogen transport in Nordic fields".
Computer Science building
Hall T2
Kuvituskuva väitöstapahtumaan, Aalto-kynä ja tutkimuspaperi