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Digitally Circular Meetup - 20 November 2019

A networking event to accelerate circular economy by connecting sustainability, digital and business professionals.
OIH – Open Innovation House
Maarintie 6, Otaniemi
Aalto EIT Services Javor

Connecting the Dots: an AI exhibition

Connecting the Dots is an artificial intelligence themed science and arts exhibition.
Exhibitions and fairs
A neural network inspired animation advertising Connecting the Dots, an AI exhibition.

Thought Leaders’ Talk by Annu Nieminen

The new era of value creation is here! Join us to hear what net impact actually means and how it can be measured as Annu Nieminen from The Upright Project takes the stage.
Lectures and seminars
Harald Herlin Learning Centre
Makerspace, K floor
Banner for Thought Leaders' Talk by Annu Nieminen

U-Create Seminar on Creativity 2019

The 2019 U-Create Seminar examines the significance and future of creativity across society, industry and academia.
Conferences and workshops
Maarintie 8
TU2 Lecture Hall, School of Electrical Engineering (Formerly TUAS)
U Create Seminar on Creativity 2019

Defence in the Field of Design: MPhil Marium Durrani

This study primarily intends to understand, observe and illustrate an alternative conceptualization, by proposing to examine mending as a sociomaterial practice
Undergraduate Centre
H 304
Through the Threaded Needle cover image

Defence in the Field of Media (New Media): MA Khalil Klouche

Explorable Information Spaces. Designing Entity Affordances for Fluid Information Exploration
Undergraduate Centre

Aalto University Entrepreneurial Education Summit

You are invited to envision the future of entrepreneurial education.
Learn Aalto’s way of teaching entrepreneurship and make your own courses stand out!

Conferences and workshops
Aalto University campus, Espoo, Finland
Entrepreneurial Education Week banner

Lecture: Practical tips on PhD supervision for thesis advisors

Lecture by Dr. Pekka Belt
Lectures and seminars
Maarintie 8
Lecture room TU5
CS_defence photo by Matti Ahlgren

Information Technology Program summer studies

Complete 24 ECTS over the summer, solve real-life digital business challenges, and gain a unique skillset in information technologies, digital platforms or service design. Aalto ITP is an international and multi-disciplinary summer program taught at the School of Business.
Lectures and seminars
School of Business
Information Technology Program (ITP)