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Give for the future
Otto Toivanen

Economics provides for the common good

Economics is much more than just euros and the maximisation of profit. The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics provides the expertise needed for everything from public procurement bidding to parental leave arrangements.

Give for the future
Aalto Bioproduct Centre_Photo Mikko Raskinen

Biomaterials challenge plastics, synthetic fibers and cotton

Did you know that bacterial cellulose is a promising material for wound dressing and that thermoplastic cellulose can be used instead of plastic, for example in food packaging?

Give for the future

Radio astronomy takes you on an expedition to space

Radio astronomy provides us with information on the most distant celestial objects – and our own position in the universe. The field depends on extremely accurate measuring devices and huge amounts of data.

Give for the future

Health and wellbeing architects create human environments shaped by technology, medicine and social sciences

Research in the field of architecture in healthcare and wellbeing brings together professionals in design and service planning, statisticians and economists, and clinicians and user representatives.

Give for the future
Pack-Age Design -kurssin satoa

Looks do matter! Stand out from the masses with intelligent package design.

Package design plays a major role in the business of companies. At best, it encapsulates the entire philosophy of the product and the brand; it creates expectations, and impressions of the quality of the product and brand, which often are catalysts for the first purchase.