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Entrepreneurship and startups
Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Topi Kairenius, Fat Lizard / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Topi Kairenius

Otaniemi is wonderfully located and supports a positive can-do atmosphere. That’s why we decided to move the microbrewery me and my pals founded to new premises over here.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Jennifer S. Lipkin & Heli Juuti, tila- ja kalustesuunnittelun opiskelijoita / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Jennifer S. Lipkin and Heli Juuti

Illnesses, abscesses, viruses, aliens and rebirth. Those are themes we’ve been immersing ourselves in today. We’re still at the starting line.

Aalto University, Otaniemi stories: Katrín Ólína, Aalto University’s Artist-in-Residence at ADD Lab / Photographer: Sinikoski

Katrín Ólína

During my stay in ADD Lab I have created a collection of 40 talismans. The Talismans are remedies, ideas and energies that we can connect with, that can help us develop ourselves.

Aalto University, Otaniemi stories: Yeong Seok Ki, Student of Architecture / Photographer: Sinikoski

Yeong Seok Ki

Alvar Aalto is really famous in Korea. That’s why I chose to come to Otaniemi.

Aalto EIT Services
EIT Raw Materials Innovation Success Story New Eco

NewEco: Towards a New European industrial ecosystem for strategic metals production

With the support of universities experts in process thermodynamics, kinetics, and characterization, the development aims to create a new ecosystem that will consolidate production of strategic metals for the European Economy.

Aalto University, Otaniemi stories: Anna Kholina, doctoral student in Design / photographer: Sinikoski

Anna Kholina

We are organising the hackathon where students find ideas and solutions for how to build the new Aalto Studios so it can become the media center of the future.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Iiris Takanen, kauppatieteiden opiskelija / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Iiris Takanen

When I found out I was accepted to study at Aalto, it was such a big deal for me, that I fell on the floor and could not help but cry.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Katariina Kasvinen, opiskelija, Rakennetun ympäristön laitos / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Katariina Kasvinen

My boyfriend and I applied for Aalto University together, and both of us got accepted. We even got a shared flat in Otaniemi this week.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Risto Maijala, tilavastaava, Harald Herlin -oppimiskeskus / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Risto Maijala

The Learning Centre’s renovation was launched as a service design project in which we charted the wishes and opinions of our clients. My New Year’s resolution is that the Learning Centre will never be so finished that we’ll stop listening to our clients’ wishes.

Entrepreneurship and startups
Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Anna Brchisky, Head of Marketing & Comms, Junction / kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Anna Brchisky

I’ve been involved in the Junction hackathon for the last three years. It has become much more than just a job for me. However, my New Year’s resolution is to take a leap into the unknown and vacate my spot for a fresh pair of hands.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Noora Vänttinen, AYY:n hallituksen puheenjohtaja 2018 / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Noora Vänttinen

My New Year’s resolution is that the Student Union will institute various measures in 2018 to promote the wellbeing of our whole community in cooperation with the university.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Nita Vera, valokuvataiteen opiskelija / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Nita Vera

My New Year’s resolution is to work less this year. Keeping my resolution will not be easy.

Aalto University
Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Robert Salvén, digitaalinen kommunikaatio / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Robert Salvén

I came to Aalto University to steer the great digital reform. It’s nice to be in charge of a project that will make the lives of all of us here easier.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Anu Morikawa, Aalto-pappi / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Anu Morikawa

People can come talk to us, Aalto chaplains, irrespective of their religion or beliefs. We’re not here to proclaim, but to listen and assist.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Kalle Kataila, asiantuntija, videot ja media opetuksessa / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Kalle Kataila

I’m involved in developing a solution that will help transform some teaching into a form more suitable for the video generation. A large part of basic teaching should, in my opinion, fit into a student’s pocket and be accessible 24/7.

Entrepreneurship and startups
Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Iida Palosuo, muotoilun opiskelija, Co-director of DASH / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Iida Palosuo

It has been so great to be a part of organising DASH, Europe’s biggest hackathon, which sort of blows up any existing sandboxes and aims to come up with even the craziest ideas that might not emerge in normal situations.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Salla Rantamäki, IDBM-opiskelija / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Salla Rantamäki

I originally studied materials technology, but it was only after starting my working life that I realised what I really wanted to do for a living. I returned here to study in the Master’s Programme in International Design Business Management (IDBM).

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Alexandra Kozlova, kauppatieteiden opiskelija / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Alexandra Kozlova

When I arrived in Otaniemi, my world view was neatly divided into clear boxes and frames. Now, I try to take things as they come without forcing them into strict frames or categorising.

Aalto-yliopisto, Otaniemi stories: Anna Rekola, Design Factory, työharjoittelija / Kuvaaja: Sinikoski

Anna Rekola

I have now taken part in Technology Academy Finland's internship programme at the Design Factory. During my internship I have been included in a working group where we have thought up ways in which to make this place even better.

Aalto University, Otaniemi stories: Idil Nazli Akture, student of Chemical Engineering / photographer: Sinikoski

Idil Nazli Akture

I just heard I got a job at Pöyry Management Consulting. I will be part of a new team tackling new concepts rather than doing things the old way.