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Join the RACE (Raw & Circular Economy Expedition)

A 2-week learning journey across Europe and along the raw materials value chain.
Registration Deadline - 20 Apr 2019
Conferences and workshops
4 locations across Europe...2 weeks in planes, trains, buses.
Aalto EIT Services

New Silk - What can we learn from spiders?

How to produce new types of silk-like materials in the context of synthetic biology
Exhibitions and fairs
Väre, FK Lobby
New Silk research project

Circwood: Recirculating wood within the built environment

In Finland, more than one-third of construction and demolition waste is wood.
Exhibitions and fairs
Väre, FE Lobby
Circwood project

Urban transitions for cooler futures: Imagining Malminkartano in 2050

Cities are critical intervention points when addressing climate change and there is an urgent need to transform both how we live in cities and how cities support our needs.
Exhibitions and fairs
Väre, K Corridor
Envisioning Malminkartano 2050. Photo: Andre Vicentini

Nordic Rebels: Goose bumpifying learning for societal agency

How might we create learning experiences to enable anyone to see what role they play in creating a more sustainable future for our societies and planet?
Exhibitions and fairs
Väre V1 gallery
Nordic Rebels illustration by Parvati Pillai

Designs for a Cooler Planet: Main exhibition, Dipoli Gallery

Designs for a Cooler Planet exhibition presents a wide selection of experimental, climate-friendly products and individual choices that you make today.
Exhibitions and fairs
Otakaari 24
Nanocellulose bicycle Photo: Eeva Suorlahti