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Diploma in IT Leadership - tietohallinnon koulutusohjelma

The program gives you new perspectives on coordinating and implementing IT strategy and business strategy. The program includes project work, preparation for courses, and group work. In the program, you also work on your own personal impact skills in the form of assignments and feedback.


Teaching time:




Form of learning:



Aalto EE




€ 9,350 (+VAT)

Application period:

25.1.2023 – 8.9.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The program is suitable for CIOs, CDOs, IT and development managers, senior experts, and other experts working on IT, digitalization, and business strategy.

Course description

The Diploma in IT Leadership program offers you an opportunity to view information management as part of a changing business environment. The training focuses on the skills required for the development and management of strategic and business-oriented information management. 

During the program, you will develop ICT management practices and your own leadership, as well as recognize the importance of information and information systems, and information management as part of business development and management. The program examines information management as part of a changing business environment in which digitalization, data, agility, and value creation for the customer are central. In order for information management to be able to change, information management itself must also develop. This applies not only to governance models but also to leadership, the culture of doing things, and the development of skills. 

The main themes of the Diploma in IT Leadership program are business and IT strategy coordination, information management, portfolio management, customer-driven service production, and agility – how information management can better support and enable a customer-driven business experimentation culture – not forgetting the IT support required by core processes. 

The program consists of five two or three-day sessions, individual and group assignments, which are for assessment, and reflection on the issues covered and addressed in the session on your own work, as well as personal effectiveness assignments. The project work included in the program helps to deepen the current development challenge in your own organization. You will also get tools for your future work. 

The Diploma in IT Leadership program is held in Finnish. 

Teaching takes place at AaltoEE's premises in Helsinki. 

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