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Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen

This program provides a comprehensive picture of topical themes in marketing management in the digital environment. It combines current marketing trends with the newest academic research. After completing the program, you will understand the strategic role of customer-centric marketing and how to successfully implement customer-centric strategies in marketing practice. The program focus is on profitability and development of marketing and business.


Teaching time:

Daytime Self-paced


Marketing and sales

Form of learning:

On-campus Online


Aalto EE




€ 4,774.00

Application period:

25.1.2023 – 6.10.2023

Target group and prerequisites

The program is for you who want to develop your overall picture of marketing management at the strategic and tactical level. The program is intended for marketing and sales managers and specialists whose mission is to develop the systematic planning and performance of marketing.

Course description

Marketing professionals need to have a comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in customer understanding, content production, data analysis, communication, and measuring and reporting results. Often, however, there is a lack of overall strategic planning behind the tactical actions taken in marketing, and cooperation within the company can be weak. In addition, industry trends and new tools and channels require continuous development and renewal. 

The Digiajan markkinoinnin johtaminen (Marketing Management in the Digital Era) program helps you improve the effectiveness of your organization's marketing by increasing its strategic planning and overall management. The program gives you a broad insight into industry developments and trends, systematic marketing planning, and hands-on tools. After the program, you will understand your organization's marketing development goals and be able to manage marketing in a more customer-centric way. 

The program's key themes are customer experience, customer-centric value creation, marketing data, goal setting, systematic measurement and planning of marketing, the relationship between inbound and outbound marketing, omnichannel marketing, and storytelling in branding and brand management. 
The program consists of training days with group work, discussions, together with pre-assignments, and group meetings between the modules. The total workload is approximately 40 hours, including 30 hours of teaching and 10 hours of pre-assignments and group meetings. 

The program is held in Finnish. 

Teaching takes place at Aalto EE's premises in Helsinki. 

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