Aalto at Slush 2023: themes

The Aalto stand is once again home to smart, sustainability-driven science. Our projects provide solutions for themes.
Aalto at Slush 2021

What is a university doing at a start-up event? That's a question that visitors to the Aalto stand often ask. The short answer is that we've been here from day one: Slush was actually created and transformed into one of the world's leading startup and tech events by the student-driven Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, one of the most vibrant entrepreneurial communities in Europe. 

The longer answer addresses the bigger question, “Why?”.

It all boils down to innovation, which is at the core of Aalto-born entrepreneurship. Innovations, especially the game changers for a sustainable future, rely heavily on science. The Aalto formula combines sustainability science, creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to create the perfect environment for new ideas to flourish.

This year, Aalto's stand will host 13 bold research-based innovations focusing on efficiency, durability, wellbeing and design. 

Come say hi! Aalto’s stand is conveniently located right beside the Founder Stage.

Thursday 30 Nov @ 814: Smart & Fast

MilliScan: World's most compact security screening system

Millimetre wave imaging uses unique wavelengths to search for hidden objects in clothing. MilliScan's solution can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects in security screenings by combining high-speed integrated millimetre wave transceivers and neural networks.

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Millimetre wavelength imaging

Aldel: Silicon platforms for modern microelectronic systems

Aldel has created a new ground-breaking way to utilise integrated silicon platforms for modern microelectronics systems. Their silicon platforms help large companies to make smaller carbon footprints and high power efficiency.

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Refined sand

UCT-DC: Making data centres efficient and sustainable

The amount of data will continue to grow in the world, which is why UCT-DC is developing photonics-based data transceivers, which have the potential to create higher bandwidth, lower latency and power consumption, as well as a small ecological footprint for data centres.

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UCT-DC Datacenter innovation

Thursday 30 Nov @ 1418: Agile & Easy

Design.AI: AI-based assistant for UI designers

This is the first design solution that can both receive feedback and act based on it. Project Design.AI can be used to create self-adaptive user interfaces, which significantly improves the experience of all stakeholders, both designers and users.

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Design AI layout

BatteryMonetizer: Optimizing the usage of batteries

As the future will be increasingly driven by electricity, batteries will be snowballing in numbers. There's no stopping it – but we can optimise it. With their novel solution, combining modelling and AI, Project BatteryMonetizer aims to be the first in the world to truly optimise the usage of batteries.

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Battery monetizer is optimising battery usage

Soihtu DTx: Depression treatment reinvented

This project is developing a ground-breaking, game-based digital treatment for depression, one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. This action-packed, innovative game will in the future both alleviate the symptoms of depression and strengthen the players cognitive performance.

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Soihtu dtx

Friday 1 Nov @ 1014: Healthy & Gentle

hentoTouch: Bio-design to tackle alcoholism without drugs

hentoTouch is building a tool to help people cope with alcoholism. By stimulating the skin, their discreet wearable device affects addiction circuits in the brain. This could reduce cravings, helping people stay sober. In the long run, the device could also help with gambling problems and stress management.

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hentotouch wearable

Immunate: Tumour identification made truly personal

Immunate’s automatic tumour identification system identifies immune cells directly from the patient's own tumour tissue, enabling immunotherapy to finally work for a larger number of people.

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Immunate treatment

mTMS: Non-invasive brain stimulation for diagnostics and therapy

TMS is a non-invasive way to activate nerve cells by inducing electrical currents in the desired part of the brain. By commercialising the technology, the project aims to bring a new revolutionary multi-locus transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (mTMS) to other research centres and clinics, as well.

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mTMS brain stimulation

Friday 1 Nov @ 1418: Sustainable & Durable

Dry and Durable: Armor-like surfaces that can take it all

Dry and Durable has developed superhydrophobic surfaces, made out of metal, glass, or ceramic, with a honeycomb-like pattern. The surface prevents any liquid from sticking to it and protects the surface through wear and tear.

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Water droplet

Ioncell: Next generation sustainable textile fiber

Ioncell® technology transforms cellulosic bio-materials (e.g. textile waste, agri waste or wood pulp) into new, high- performance textile fibers in a sustainable way, advancing the necessary transformation to a circular economy in the clothing and textile industry.

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Ioncell coat made of sustainable fibers

NPHarvest: Re-using nutrients from waste flows

NPHarvest harvests nutrients back from waste flows and re-introduces them to markets. NPHarvest has developed a new method for recovering nitrogen and phosphorus from different liquid waste fractions, creating efficient and profitable nutrient recycling.

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NPHarvest recycling
Hands holding a shiny pillowcase open, filling coming out.

An eco-filling to replace down

Aalto-born Fluff Stuff wants to use cattail fluff to create a superior competitor for polyester and down feather filling, one that could be used to fill sleeping bags, winter coats, and pillows.

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Head of Innovation Ecosystem Services
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