Teaching Evaluation Committee SCITEC

The Teaching Evaluation Committee (SCITEC), is responsible for the evaluation of teaching at the School of Science. Its aim is to help departments in the Tenure Track recruitment processes and later in evaluations leading to tenured and promoted positions, focusing in particular in assessing the teaching competence of a person.
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SCITEC has an independent role in the evaluation of teaching competence. It draws up an independent statement on the candidate’s teaching competence on the basis of which the evaluated teacher is able to see e.g. which skills they need to improve. The statement is delivered to TT committees of the department, the school (and the university). Through the process teachers may become more aware of their teaching and identify their strengths and weaknesses. SCITEC also gives the applicants a range of recommendations, such as pedagogical training or testing different teaching methods.

The committee has representation from most of the departments of the School; at a minimum there are members from each discipline, educational developer and student members trained to evaluate teaching. From November 2012 on, SCITEC has evaluated more than 200 teaching competences on which each evaluee has received a statement.

SCITEC Members (1.8.2021–31.7.2024)

Jari Saramäki, Professor (Dept. of Computer Science), chair

Mari Knuuttila, Manager of Academic Affairs (Learning Services), secretary

Karlos Artto, Professor; deputy member Stina Giesecke, Senior University Lecturer (Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management), 

Mario Di Francesco, Professor; Kerttu Pollari-Malmi, Senior University Lecturer; Juha Sorva, Senior University Lecturer (Dept. of Computer Science)

Harri Hakula, Senior University Lecturer; Kalle Kytölä, Professor (Dept. of Mathematics and Systems Analysis)

Emppu Salonen, University Lecturer; Christian Flindt, Professor (Dept. of Applied Physics)

Linda Henriksson, Senior University Lecturer; Matias Palva, Professor (Dept. of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering)

Miia Forstén, Educational developer

Patrik Lahti, Student member

Ilari Jokinen, Student member

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