Strategic management

The key task of the university's strategic planning and objective-setting is, based on the university's will and operating environment, to compile a concrete strategy from which the university's offering and joint operating principles are derived. In order to implement the university's strategy, the schools draw up their own more detailed strategic implementation plans.

University strategy

A key actor in the strategy process is the University Board, which initiates the process and approves the strategy created as the outcome and any other instructions relating to implementation. The president leads preparation of the strategy, and is responsible for organising the strategy work and for ensuring the university community's commitment to and participation in preparations. Strategy work is supported by active monitoring of the university's operating environment and ongoing dialogue with international and external stakeholders and partners. The university strives to explore future prospects and phenomena, both nationally and internationally. In terms of the planning process, it is important to consider the impacts of change. Knowledge and understanding of the future, trends, phenomena and various visions of the future can be gathered by means of different surveys or in workshops or brainstorming sessions.

Agreement and feedback procedure between the Ministry of Education and Culture and Aalto University

In addition to the Government Programme, Education and Research development plan and legislation, universities are governed by four-year contracts between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the universities. At the beginning of the contract term, the universities and the ministry conduct negotiations based on the contract documents prepared by the university. During this process, the operative and quantitative goals, and development targets for the universities are agreed along with the funding granted to the university. The matters agreed upon with the ministry in these negotiations and the feedback provided by the ministry will be taken into consideration in the strategic planning of the university and the schools. The ministry will monitor implementation of the contract and the strategic execution of the university and provide feedback on these at regular intervals.

University strategic planning 

In the begin of the calendar year, the units self-assess their strategy implementation utilizing results and feedback from the previous year. These self-assessments are gathered together and reviewed as a whole by PMT in University review. The review generates guidelines with the board's instructions for the University Dialogue. The Dialogue focuses on setting the objectives for the upcoming year and deciding on the joint plan for the following three years. In the University Dialogue, PMT agrees on future activities and resources that are documented in the University's target agreement. The university budget is  approved by the University Board in June.

University's internal funding model

A central aim of the university's internal funding model is to create predictable and transparent principles for funding allocation and encourage activities towards the university's strategic objectives and cost effectiveness. The funding model is used to support the allocation of university funding from the president to the schools, based on which the schools specify their own internal principles for further allocation of funding to the departments. The university funding model is created on the basis of the university strategy and focus areas, taking into account the Ministry of Education and Culture funding model. The funding model is decided on by the president. The funding decision for the upcoming year is  decided in University Dialogue and documented in the University Target Agreement.

Universitys's indicator handbook

The Indicator Handbook contains descriptions and definitions of the indicators used by the University. The Indicator Handbook will be updated as necessary in the context of annual processes.

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