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User-centric living environments

The comprehensive design, implementation and testing of human-centric living environments come together as a multidisciplinary collaborative project at Aalto University.
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The world-class research that is conducted at Aalto is utilised in the design and development of urban environments around the world. The goal is to better understand how individuals experience their physical environment and how art, spaces, buildings, and communities can enhance this experience.

The challenges of urbanization, efficient use of resources, the aging population, and multiculturalism, as well as the opportunities offered by digitalization, business services and the experience of nature, are all included in this multi-dimensional research.

The results of the research provide useful knowledge for societal development. Our research is utilised on every level and in every way to improve the everyday lives of ordinary urban citizens. This includes such aspects as living, work, mobility, digital and physical services, care and well-being, leisure time, and social interaction.

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Aalto Living+ Platform

Living+ Platform supports multi- and transdisciplinary research on human-centered living environments, one of Aalto University's key research areas.

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