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Aalto University Game Changers – change the world! At Aalto University, we believe in the power of curiosity. We encourage our students to explore the unknown, learn and do things in completely new ways – to break boundaries together.
Game of Trains –matkan ideana oli tehdä vaihto-opiskelua tutuksi puolin ja toisin Euroopan yliopistoissa. Kuva: Game of Trains -opiskelijat

Our greatest strengths are the Aalto community and an open atmosphere that inspires everyone to do the unexpected. We encourage our experts from different fields to use their top-class expertise in their dream teams and create networks that can last a lifetime.

Our international campuses and our network of over 400 partner universities guarantee a wide variety of exchange, internship and project opportunities for our around 20 000-strong student body.

For example, the Startup Sauna and Slush, Europe's most talked about entrepreneurial growth acceleration event, originated from the Aalto community. Even at the beginning of their studies, Aalto students can jump in and participate in interesting and practical business life projects. This is one reason why around 70 companies are created within the Aalto community each year.

MIT has ranked Aalto University among the 5 rising stars in the world in its comparison of 200 universities.

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