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Sustainable Ioncell fibre

Ioncell is a technology created in Finland that turns used textiles, pulp or even old newspapers into new textile fibres sustainably and without harmful chemicals.

The Ioncell process utilizes a novel solvent, ionic liquid, to dissolve cellulose. Once dissolved, cellulose can be transformed into beautiful, durable bio-fibers using the dry-jet wet spinning technology.

Ioncell thread on four different colors

Ioncell process turns used textiles, pulp, or even old newspapers and cardboard into new textile fibers without the use of harmful chemicals. The only chemicals used are the non-toxic ionic liquid and water.

The process is closed-loop, whereby chemicals are continually re-used, with zero emissions or losses.


Ioncell is the most durable man-made fibre.

Ioncell fibres feel soft and are strong even when wet.

The fibre properties of Ioncell are equal or better than those of viscose and lyocell fibres.

Ioncell can be used to create extremely good textile fibres from many different raw materials, including cotton or cardboard waste.

Pirjo Kääriäinen Professor of Practice, Aalto University

The traditional textile industry has a massive impact on natural resources and climate

Ioncell_global greenhouse gas emissions

of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the fashion industry alone.


million barrels of oil are consumed every year to produce the world’s most commonly used textile fibre, polyester. Polyester can take hundreds of years to decompose.


litres of water can be used to produce a single kilogram of cotton, not to mention large areas of arable land and humongous amounts of pesticides.

Shaking up tech event 2018

Aalto University has a strong focus on combining technology with design and business to solve complex sustainability challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, and global inequality.

We are uniquely positioned for creating societally impactful research with practice-relevant knowledge of cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

Interested in joining the revolution of the textile industry?


Ioncell is at its research stage. In 2019 we will have the technical concept ready and proven in lab scale. 

We are looking for funding in order to move on to the piloting phase in 2020. A pilot production line would enable fibre production on a significantly larger scale than in the laboratory.

By 2021 we expect to have a design ready for a product plant.


Jenni Pyytövaara, Senior Advisor, Donor Engagement 
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