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Join us on an unprecedented space adventure!

Space has always stirred up our curiosity and fed our imagination. The universe is good at keeping its secrets, but thanks to the tireless and courageous scientists around the world, we now know more and see further than ever before.
Way Out There - Black holes might be nicer than we think

A new receiver technology enables space detection at three different frequencies. The leap to a new technological level will revolutionise our way of looking at the universe, as it makes observation more accurate, faster and more sensitive, and it will also reveal objects previously completely hidden.

Donate towards the new Metsähovi receiver!

You now have the opportunity to support the Finnish, internationally renowned utilisation of special expertise in astronomy as part of a joint journey towards space.

With the new receiver:

  1. Finland's special expertise in astronomy, which is known to be of a high international standard, will rise to a whole new level.
  2. The number of research objects will rise from hundreds to thousands.
  3. We will be able to make better preparations for potential dangers.
  4. We can refine satellite positioning.

Donate today – let's revolutionise the way we look at the universe! 

Way Out There - Metsähovi Radio Observatory

Donate towards the new Metsähovi receiver!

Let's revolutionise the way we look at the universe.
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