Campus development

The Otaniemi campus represents the beating heart of the Aalto community. It brings together students, researchers, teachers as well as the companies and other actors and inhabitants in the area to create new ideas, innovations and business. The campus is where everyone studies, works, lives and participates in their passions. Our continuously expanding and developing campus attracts new expertise and entrepreneurship from around the world. It is a force that serves as an example for others.
Aerial view of the Otaniemi campus.

Otaniemi campus in figures:

  • All Aalto University schools will be located on campus by 2021
  • 7 500 new inhabitants by the year 2025
  • 20 000 jobs in 2025
  • An energy self-sufficient campus by 2030

By donating to the development of the campus, you will be providing your support for the creation of a new type expertise cluster.

If you are planning to donate 10 000 euros or more, please get in touch with our donor relations team who will help prepare your deed of donation.

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