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Art and creative practices

Art and creative practices form an important part of the multidisciplinarity that is practiced at Aalto University. The university develops artistic activities across boundaries in different fields and communities. Multidisciplinary artistic activities create meanings, definitions, new applications, creativity and innovations. The university is internationally renowned for its artistic activity. The university was ranked 7th in the world by the QS World University Ranking in 2019.
Elokuvataiteen opiskelua

The university has an experience-oriented approach and focuses on sensory and manual skills and knowledge. The aim is to find new ways to solve problems, to promote people's welfare and to influence society in a positive way.

Art and design are closely associated with research in various fields of technology: many researchers in art and design apply different technologies in art and in other socio-cultural contexts. When art and science come together with technology and business, new levels of knowledge and cooperative projects can come to fruition. By its nature, art can function as a uniting factor. The build-up of knowledge in art and design also includes the development of technologies related to system planning and sustainable development.

The success of our fashion design students in international competitions in the past few years has in turn created a Finnish fashion design phenomenon, and now talent scouts from Milan and Paris are looking for the next top designer from Finland.

Our film and television students have received accolades in competitions abroad and were even nominated for an Oscar in 2014. Our students’ works have also been widely acknowledged in international publications, fairs and exhibitions.

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