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Advanced energy solutions

Aalto University’s multidisciplinary expertise is being directed towards developing even more sustainable energy solutions. The key parts of this endeavour include the production, storage, transfer and use of energy.
Slag2PCC researchers at the facility.

Many of our departments have a long history of research and teaching in the energy sector. Our research includes advanced and renewable energy technologies; efficient, eco-friendly and reliable energy production systems, distribution and use – as well as monitoring and understanding people’s environment. The research conducted at Aalto also takes the markets, socioeconomic perspectives and the environment into account in a comprehensive manner with the help of our multidisciplinary collaboration and experts from various fields.

The results of energy-related research contribute to Finland’s energy policy and have global outreach through sustainable energy solutions and a wide range of energy innovations and applications.

We have around 25 professors and research groups whose work centres around the energy sector, as well as around 30 professors who have had a significant impact on the energy sector. Together with our students, these experts form a key area of strength where energy meets information, materials and society.

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Aalto Energy Platform

Energy meets information, materials, and society. Our focus is in sustainable energy solutions. We organize and gather energy-related research and activities.

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Aalto Energy Efficiency / Image by Helén Marton
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