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Did you enjoy your time spent studying at Aalto University? Would you like to share your experiences with potential students or advise current students on their future plans? Please help us to share the good news about our community by becoming a Student Marketing Agent!
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As a Student Marketing Agent, you get to share your own experiences as an Aalto student and set an example for new students. You can also advise current students with their plans and questions regarding studying, graduating, or finding employment. Your personal study experience is important!

Become a contact person for current and future students 

New and current students benefit from learning about the experience of Aalto alumni. You can become a contact person for current students at Aalto Alumni Circle, a digital community for alumni and students. In your own Alumni Agent profile, you can define where you may be contacted for matters related to your studies or your own career path (see registration instructions below). Those who aspire to study at Aalto also want to hear from our alumni. That is why we also publish a list of our student marketing agents on the Study at Aalto website.

Share your Aalto experiences independently at events and schools 

As a Student Marketing Agent, you can also share your studies and career stories independently. You can use Aalto University's ready-made marketing materials as a basis for the presentation. Besides a list of tips for your presentation, you will find a Powerpoint template for your presentation from the Aalto Alumni Circle Student Marketing Agent group.

Tell us about your Aalto experiences at a virtual student marketing fair 

Aalto University's student marketing team needs alumni ambassadors to attend the student marketing fairs to share their experiences with potential future students. The real experiences shared by Aalto alumni convey a personal and individual story that is easy for new students to grasp.

Participate in the career fairs by contacting the Aalto University student marketing team [email protected] Begin your message by telling us that you are a Student Marketing Agent. Please note that most student marketing events take place in the autumn.

This is how you become a Student Marketing Agent:

  1. Register or log into the Aalto Alumni Circle, which is a digital community for all alumni and students;
  2. Read Aalto Alumni agents kick-off materials (Log in 
  3. Update your personal data and select 'Student Marketing Agent' in your profile. Summarise your study and career background and interests and let others know in which matters related to your studies or your own career path, and how, to reach out to you.  

    If you want to act as a contact person not only for current students but also for those who want to study at Aalto, please contact [email protected], then we will publish your Alumni Agent profile on the 'Study at Aalto' website as well. This way, also future students can connect with you.

  4. Go to the tab named 'Groups' and join the 'Aalto Alumni Student Marketing Agents' group. This is an information sharing and discussion group for all Student Marketing Agents and acts as a channel for communication and exchange of experiences. In the group, you will find Aalto University's presentation material and a list of tips for holding presentations.
  5. If you want to participate in the Aalto University student marketing fair, contact the Aalto University student marketing team directly ([email protected]). In the message, tell us that you are an Alumni Agent at Aalto University and that you are willing to volunteer at the fair. Please note that most recruitment events take place in the autumn.

Kaisa Hölttä

Manager, alumni engagement and mentoring

Become an Alumni Agent

As an Alumni Agent, you'll find exciting ways to be part of the Aalto community and learn new.

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