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A successful mentoring relationship can, at best, change the life of a young entrepreneur. It is your experience, advice and know-how that can be invaluable.

As an entrepreneurship agent, you can join the mentoring program maintained by Aalto Startup Center. The mentor is an experienced professional who wants to advise young entrepreneurs and startups in their field. The goal of mentoring is to improve startups' long-term performance and help them develop their relationship network. Aalto Startup Center strives to find a mentor for each startup that suits its current development phase. We take into account the mentors' background, know-how and interests to ensure the best possible compatibility. 

Mentoring is voluntary 

As a mentor, you get to decide how much time you spend doing. You and the startup company decide on your appointment schedule together. 

Mentoring is a relationship 

A successful mentoring relationship is based on perseverance, openness and mutual trust. The process requires a two-way commitment between the mentor and the mentee company.

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 Joel Takala

Joel Takala

Business Coach, Aalto Startup Center

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