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Community Agent

Lead a peer group in Alumni Circle, represent alumni society at the Alumni Network Council or organise a reunion or other kind of alumni event. ​ Options are plenty!

A community agent actively participates in the happenings around the Aalto community, is active in the alumni networks and can also establish something completely new. What kind of themes would you like to see in our community activities? And what do you think is still missing from the Aalto community?

Come up with new ideas and join as Aalto Alumni Community agent!

  1. Register or log into the Aalto Alumni Circle, which is a digital community for all alumni and students;
  2. Update your data and select 'Community Agent' in your profile. Summarise your skills and interests and let others know in which matters, and how, to reach out to you;   

  3. Go to the tab named 'Groups' and join the 'Aalto Alumni Community Agents' group. This is an information sharing and discussion group for all Community Agents.
  4. Read Aalto Alumni agents kick-off materials (Log in
  5. Read the instructions below and contact [email protected] if you want to set up a new group or an event.

Alumni societies and networks at Aalto

There are plenty of alumni societies and networks at Aalto. Join a group or start your own!

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Yhteistyöverkostojen kanssa

Arranging a class reunion

A class reunion is a great way to meet old friends, find out what everyone is up to and reminisce about your time at the university. If you would like to arrange a class reunion and invite your fellow classmates, we can provide you with some handy tips.

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Do you have something on your mind that you perhaps need help with? Contact us, and we can plan together! 

 Susanna Ritala

Susanna Ritala

Community Manager

Become an Alumni Agent

As an Alumni Agent, you'll find exciting ways to be part of the Aalto community and learn new.

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