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Aalto University Mentoring Programme for alumni and students

Alumni, are you ready for open dialogue, to share your experiences, knowledge and skills and develop your sparring skills? Do you want to meet the newest Aalto generation and join our interdisciplinary mentor network? Do you want to discover new cultural perspectives?

Student, do you need help in considering your career options and finding your own strengths? Discussion support and experience-based perspectives from a senior expert? An opportunity to tackle your future career dreams and self-development?
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Mentoring Programme contents

In the Aalto University Mentoring Programme, students are provided with the opportunity to meet with people who are already part of working life and develop their own abilities and expertise. The programme provides its participants with mutual benefits and collaborative opportunities. Every year, the programme brings together three hundred Finnish and foreign students and alumni, both in Finland and abroad. The programme is a meeting ground for different fields, disciplines, nations and generations.

While workplace mentoring usually focuses on transferring knowledge and introducing people to the operational culture of their workplace, student mentoring focuses on providing students with the opportunity to discuss their wishes and dreams for their careers, studies as well as life together with experienced mentors.

Confidential relationship

Mentoring is based on a goal-focused, long-term, and discussion-oriented relationship whose cornerstones include mutual openness, confidentiality and commitment. Mentoring focuses on sharing experiences, perspectives and skills and learning from another person’s experiences. A successful mentoring process requires activity and commitment from both the mentee and mentor. It is the mentee’s responsibility to ensure that the mentoring process proceeds in a goal-oriented manner with regular meetings. At its best, the mentoring process is a two-directional and interactive relationship that is beneficial for both the mentee and mentor.

A key part of the mentoring programme is the one-to-one meetings between the mentee and mentor that are arranged around once per month. The one-year mentoring programme begins in September for all mentoring pairs with a common kick-off event, where the participants are informed about the programme’s purpose and goals. The mentoring pairs are also provided with a mentoring guidebook that has been created specifically for the programme. The programme concludes with a common event in March. Mentors and mentees are provided with peer support in separate events. Both mentors and mentees are also welcome to arrange discussions and organisational visits during the programme. Most events are arranged in English. To encourage networking among participants, we encourage both mentors and mentees to sign up the social media channels of the mentoring programme.

Mentoring discussion photo Unto Rautio

It’s been great to hear the thoughts and values of someone who is younger than me.


Student, do you want to become a mentee?

Student, read more about mentee´s role and how to apply as a mentee here.

Alumnus, do you want to become a mentor?

You can sign up as a mentor if you are a graduate of the School of Business, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (previously known as the School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture) or schools of technology (previously known as Helsinki University of Technology) and have been a part of working life for at least five years. The most important part of becoming a mentor is the willingness to share your experiences and skills to a student, to be present and listen. We are especially interested in alumni who are still part of working life.

The mentees are Finnish and international Aalto University degree students who are currently completing their master’s degrees. Mentoring an international student is open to both Finns who speak excellent English as well as international alumni who want to meet a representative of a foreign culture and introduce them to Finnish working life.

What the Mentoring Programme provides for alumni

  • the opportunity to develop your mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills
  • connections with students in your field
  • an avenue for having a say at Aalto University
  • the chance to develop and expand your professional network
  • new perspectives and opportunities to structure and assess your own skills and experiences
  • the chance to meet a representative from a foreign culture

What we expect from mentors

  • one-on-one time with the mentee once a month, on average
  • the ability to set targets and agree on practical matters with the mentee
  • support the development of the student’s working life skills as a mentor
  • responding to mentoring-related inquiries and providing feedback
  • if any problems arise during the programme, contact the leader of the programme: [email protected]

What we do not expect from mentors

  • you are not required to offer your mentee a job or an internship
  • you do not need to answer every single question that your mentee has
  • you do not need to share all of your contacts with your mentee

Remote mentorships

An alumnus who lives abroad or elsewhere in Finland can also apply to become a mentor. In this case, your mentorship will be conducted primarily via email, phone or Skype as a kind of remote mentorship. Some of the students who apply for the programme may also go on exchange during their mentorship year.
We recommend arranging meetups with the mentee, for example in connection with a trip to Finland or the Helsinki region.

Mentee develop yourself

Spending time with the students and understanding current trends is particularly important.


How to apply as a mentor

The application for the mentoring season 2020-2021 is open from 1 April to 10 May.

To apply as a mentor, please fill in the application form (found here during the application period) and attach you CV with it. The application form contains questions about your professional background and your personal self, as well as your hopes for the mentoring. Your information will be used in the matching of mentoring pairs, so it is of utmost importance that you complete the application carefully. We will process all applications and CVs in absolute confidence, and we will not use the information in them for any other purpose.

Processing of applications and matchmaking

We will begin processing the applications as soon as the application period closes, so please make sure to apply on time! We will contact all the applicants in the midsummer week (week 25) after we have processed the applications and finished the matching process. We will personally inform even those for whom we may not find a suitable partner.

Those accepted into the programme (= a match found) will receive an e-mail with the name and contact information of their mentoring partner in mid-August. Be sure to check your e-mail.

Mentees are asked to contact their mentors before the mentoring programme starts. If they so desire, the mentoring partners can meet each other before the start-up seminar in September. Our goal is to find the most suitable mentoring pairs on the basis of the applicants’ wishes and objectives. The matches will be made primarily to meet the mentees’ wishes, taking also into account the wishes of the alumni who have registered as mentors. If they so desire, the mentoring programme also gives both students and alumni a great chance to have a mentoring partner from another field. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will find a mentor for each applicant or a mentee for every mentor candidate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact details

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