Life 1.5 in black font and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.
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Aalto Wellbeing Week 2022

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Wear the future!

Slow and more sustainable textiles, clothing and fashion systems.
Otaniementie 14
Mon-Thu: 7:45–21:00, Fri: 7:45–20:00, Sat: 9:00–17:00, Sundays and 10.9: Closed
Black font stating "Wear the future." and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

What's on the menu?

Better alternatives for food, food systems and packaging.
Otaniementie 14
Mon-Thu: 7:45–21:00, Fri: 7:45–20:00, Sat: 9:00–17:00, Sundays and 10.9: Closed
Black font stating "What's on the menu?" and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

Designing Experiential Futures for 1.5 Degree Lifestyles

The Design Futures course introduces Aalto University students to the various ways in which design and futures fields intersect. This exhibition introduces experiential futures of lifestyle 1.5 through objects, artifacts and video.
Gallery at the Ground floor (K)
Students sitting in a class room

Sustainability Through Entrepreneurship

Showcases prototypes of sustainability solutions through entrepreneurship developed by the students of the Aalto Ventures Programme Spring 2022. 
Kipsari, Ground floor
Sustainability through entrepreneurship poster

Urban Foodscapes 1.5

This video installation and the related mapping workshops ask us to reflect on how our everyday urban environments and circumstances might affect the wider adoption of 1.5 degree lifestyles, or more specifically, of sustainable diets.
F Lobby (Kispari level)
Still image from the Urban Foodscapes video installation

The Next Water Packaging

Showcased in this exhibition, Aalto University visual communication design students present collaborations with NBW Finland to develop and design user-centered visual packaging and branding concepts for still water.
Groud floor, Corridor
Still water packages designed by students of VCD’s Experiment Process course

Retail 1.5 – How can the retail facilitate 1.5-degree food?

This exhibition presents the concepts developed by students of the Design Approaches to Sustainable Consumption course.
F Lobby, ground floor
Two men shopping

New textile applications from underutilized plant-based side streams

This exhibition showcases a new method to produce textiles from cellulose-rich raw material without the use of toxic chemicals or expensive solvents.
V2 Gallery, 2nd floor
Sample of Norratex

Pollinator's delight: a participatory art piece from textile waste promoting biodiversity

In The Aalto University Junior’s project, textile waste is turned into a collective art piece representing the importance of the meadows.
Otaniementie 14, Espoo
Gallery V1
Lähikuva käsistä, jotka kiinnittävät kankaasta tehtyjä kukkia kanaverkkoon

Towards carbon negative acoustic environments in buildings

Experience how biofibre-based acoustic panels clear the sound environment. The carbon-negative acoustic panels developed by our research team increase comfort in any space by reducing disturbing sounds.
1st floor, in front of Aalto shop
Sustainable acoustic materials

Interplay of Cultures Studio 2022 Sámi: Architecture that leaves no trace in the environment

The Interplay of Cultures 2022 studio is a masters level course at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture. This year the studio explored Sámi cultures and their way of relating to our material reality.
Ground floor (K)
Image representing the Sami culture

Building blocks of a better future

This exhibition showcases several ways in which different materials can be used sustainably as new building blocks.
Staircase, 1st floor
Image of three building blocks

Public defences

Public defences

Public defence in Engineering Physics, M.Sc. Marton Szogradi

Title of the doctoral thesis: Multidisciplinary fusion engineering
Public defences

Public defence in Network Economics, M.Sc.(Tech.) Jaspreet Walia

What will the network slicing ecosystem look like?
Public defences

Public defence in Bioproduct technology, M.Sc.(Tech.) Emmi-Maria Nuutinen

M.Sc.(Tech.) Emmi-Maria Nuutinen will defend the doctoral thesis "Keratin building blocks from feathers for material applications" on 7 October 2022 at 12 in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering.
Picture of trees and water
Public defences

Public defence in Water and Environmental Engineering, M.Sc. (Tech) Walter Box

The title of the doctoral thesis is: "The impact of natural floodplain vegetation on flow resistance and fine sediment transport"
Researcher looking at a reserch device.

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