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Julia Lohmann's Hidaka Ohmu at A Bloc shopping centre. Photo: Mikko Raskinen
Exhibitions and fairs

Seaweed pavilion Hidaka Ohmu

The installation Julia Lohmann designed for the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020, is on display at the A Bloc shopping centre in Otaniemi.
KAUTE talks x Aalto University on diversity
Online event

KAUTE talks x Aalto University: Diversity and inclusion in organisations

Aalto University and KAUTE Foundation invite you to an online event on Tuesday 2 February at 9–10.30. The morning is hosted by Professor Rebecca Piekkari. Join us for an insightful and inspiring morning!
Laser Talks Helsinki Espoo Aalto University
Online event

LASER Talks: Adaptation and Bodies in Context

In what ways are we (humans) as a species able to adapt to the changes in our habitat and environment? And what does that imply?
Architecture speaks logo
Lectures and seminars

ARCHITECTURE SPEAKS! series of lectures

International lecture series continues with new inspirational speakers.
Illustrative banner for the From Lab to Market event
Online event

From Lab to Market vol. 3

Stories about science-based entrepreneurship!
a grid photo of steel and glass elements in beige
Conferences and workshops

peripheries in parallax: BRAVE NEW PERIPHERIES

The event is a series of four 1-day online Conferences mapping out the implications and alliances of ‘peripheries’ and ‘peripheral approaches’ through art, artistic research and related fields in society.

ONLINE: Co-creating the future of food

This exhibition sheds light on what happens behind the scenes of novel food and beverage products, showcasing Finnish entrepreneurs, experiments and collaboration needed for designing new innovative solutions.
Exhibitions and fairs
main lobby
The food we produce, purchase and consume has far-reaching consequences for our society and planet.

Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentation

Annika Niittylä will present her MSc thesis on Thursday 27 August at 14:00 via Zoom.
Lectures and seminars
via Zoom

Laude opening party

Laude Sauna & Terrace and A Grid startup hub invite you to an exclusive opening party for A Grid tenants and Aalto staff at the I wing terrace of A Grid.
A Grid
I wing terrace
Laude opening party

Launch of the book Solid Ground

The book is an enticing mix of contemporary ceramics presented alongside essays from writers from various fields. Welcome to the book launch event.
Annankatu 9, Helsinki
Kantava maa – Solid Ground kirjan etukansi

Defence in the field of Radio Technology, M. Sc. (Tech.) Joni Kurvinen

Title of the thesis is “Co-Existing Antennas in Modern Handsets”

Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, MSc Mika Latikka

The title of the dissertation is "Dynamics of Magnetic Droplets on Liquid-Repellent Surfaces"
via remote technology (Zoom)

Scancor Workshop 2020

The 18th Scancor PhD Workshop on Institutional Analysis. A unique learning opportunity in Helsinki! Join us for a one-week intense PhD workshop on institutional analysis.
In the public morning lectures international faculty presents and discusses research within the field of institutional theory. Afternoon workshop sessions with international faculty are limited to PhD students who successfully apply to the workshop.
Conferences and workshops
School of Business
Picture of Aalto University School of Business

ARTS Joint Orientation Day 31.8.2020

Aalto ARTS Joint Orientation Day for master, bachelor and exchange students.

CANCELLED: Digi Breakfast: Autonomous Mobility on the Rise

Due to the current pandemic situation, this event is cancelled until further notice.
Lectures and seminars
Digi Breakfast: ACAS launch: Autonomous Mobility on the Rise

Aalto Day One 1.9.2020

The opening of Aalto University's academic year 2020-2021 was held this year as a live online broadcast from the Learning Centre's studio. Return to the atmosphere of Day One by watching the recording of the online programme.
Virtual event
Aalto Day One image by Lukasz Geratowski

7 Experiences – Aalto Experience Summit

7 Experiences – Aalto Experience Summit to endorse Experience Research as a multidisciplinary research field
Conferences and workshops
Online event
7 Experiences web banner

AALTO FASHION 20 – Thoughts and Views on Sustainable Fashion

Picks from fashion bachelor's and master's collections from the perspective of sustainable fashion.
Exhibitions and fairs
FE aula
Fashion design: Henna Lampinen Photo: Nicca Sinervo



Defence of dissertation in the field of Chemical Engineering, M.Sc (tech.) Antti Korpi

The title of the dissertation is: Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Protein Cage -Based Hybrid Materials

Defence in the field of mechanical engineering Hanyang Gong M.Sc. (Tech)

Name of dissertation "Discrete-element modelling of ship interaction with unconsolidated ice ridges: ridge resistant and failure behaviour

Defence in the field of mechanical engineering Jarkko Laine M.Sc. (Tech)

Name of the dissertation "Ductile iron modelling and optimisation for mechanically and thermally loaded components"

Opponent; Professor Alberto Molinari, University of Trento, Department of Industrial Engineering, Povo, Italy

Opponent; Professor Juhani Orkas, Allto University, School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Defence of dissertation in the field of Chemical Engineering, M.Sc (tech.) Irene Coronado

The title of the dissertation is: Catalytic Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Biorefinery Water Fractions
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