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Smart Otaniemi Campus
Conferences and workshops

VIRTUAL EVENT: Smart Otaniemi Open Doors Day

Are you interested in joining Smart Otaniemi? Come and meet us on Thursday 12 March at Smart Otaniemi Open Doors Day!
Wood Wonders exhibition at Helsinki airport. Photo: Anne Kinnunen
Exhibitions and fairs

Wood Wonders exhibition showcases climate-friendly building concepts

If all the buildings constructed in Finland each year were made of wood, the amount of wood needed for the construction would grow back in ten hours.
Exhibitions and fairs

UNFOLD at the Finnish Museum of Photography

The Unfold exhibition introduces a group of photographic artists from the master's degree program in photography at Aalto University.
A student-built robot on display at Mechatronic Circus 2018
Exhibitions and fairs

CANCELLED Mechatronic Circus 1 April

The Mechatronic Circus is an annual event presenting smart devices made by Aalto University's students at mechatronics courses. Robots, popcorn, circus shows and much more!
Opiskelija istuu kannettavan tietokoneen ääressä
Lectures and seminars (recurring)

"Manipulaation perusteet informaatioverkostoissa"

How to prepare yourself for an information war? Aalto University offers a lecture series on the lighter and darker sides of information manipulation. Even though this is a Finnish course, some of the lectures will be held in English.

Machine Learning Coffee Seminar

Weekly seminar organized by Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI. Social Media: #MLCS
Lectures and seminars
The location alternates between Aalto University and the University of Helsinki

Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, MSc Francisco Freire Fernández

Manipulating light with nanomagnets and vice versa
Maarintie 8
1018 AS1

Robin Dunbar: 'The Dynamics of Friendship in the Offline and Online Worlds'

This lecture is part of the Helsinki Distinguished Lecture Series on Future Information Technology, organized by HIIT, a joint research institute between University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The lecture is free of charge and open to everyone.
Lectures and seminars
PI, Porthania, University of Helsinki, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki

Adventures in Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Aalto alumni with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, and / or management consulting are warmly welcome to attend this event on 'Entrepreneurship through acquisition'.
Lectures and seminars
School of Business
Aalto Executive in Residence Gautam Basu

Seminar: Nordic Art Education in Motion

The seminar discusses international perspectives in art education and highlights Nordic collaboration.
Lectures and seminars
A Grid
Otakaari 5, 02150 Espoo
Space: Jeti A208D
group of men and women posing and smiling in a drawing class room

AVP Masterclass: From User Centric to Planet Centric Design

Join to learn more about the PCD philosophy and grab yourself new additions to your design toolbox!
Conferences and workshops
Maarintie 8
Atrium, located at the back of the library on the 1st floor
Banner for AVP Masterclass: Planet Centric Design

Department of Applied Physics Research Seminar: Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen

Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen (Technical University of Denmark) will give a research seminar "Machine learning-accelerated computational screening and structure determination".
Lectures and seminars
Undergraduate Centre
Otakaari 1
Lecture Hall U6
Image of Karsten Wedel Jacobsen's research

Blood donation in Dipoli 27.2.2020

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service will organize a blood donation
Otakaari 24
Dipoli, Palaver

Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, Lauri Himanen, MSc (Tech)

Materials Informatics: Augmenting Materials Research with Data-driven Design and Machine Learning
Otakaari 4
Lecture hall 216

Defence in the field of Computer Science, MSc (Tech.) Gopika Premsankar

Towards scalable communication networks: network design and management
Computer Science building
Lecture hall T2
CS_defence_2 photo by Matti Ahlgren

Defence of dissertation in the field of engineering physics, Henri Loukusa, MSc (Tech)

Title of the dissertation is "Thermochemical and thermomechanical modeling of nuclear fuel".
Undergraduate Centre
Lecture hall E (OK1)

Innovations and Creativity in Climate Education

The two-day seminar displays Aalto University’s current experience in climate education, especially highlighting innovations, entrepreneurship and arts.
Conferences and workshops
Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo
Climate University goes Otaniemi banner



Defense of Dissertation in Marketing, Olga Lavrusheva, MSc

The title of the dissertation is: “Essays on Vitality and Consumption”
Kuvituskuva väitöstapahtumaan, Aalto-kynä ja tutkimuspaperi

Defence of dissertation in the field of spatial planning and transportation engineering, Shiv Bhatta, M.Sc. (Phil.)

The name of the dissertation is "Looking at wood through the skin: A multidisciplinary approach to explore the tactile quality of wood materials"

Defense of Dissertation in Marketing, Mikko Hänninen, M.Sc. (Econ)

The title of the dissertation is: "Digital Transaction Platforms: Forms, Mechanisms and Outcomes"
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