Responsible conduct of research, questionable research practices... and possible cures (Q&A)

This is a Q&A (questions and answers) session addressing topics related to responsible conduct of research, reproducibility of science and open science, and how these themes are intertwined.
Responsible conduct of research (Q&A)


Please join us to ask anything about:

  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Research misconduct (fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, and misappropriation)
  • Questionable research practices such as p-hacking and HARKing
  • Reproducibility of science, including open methods and open data

We recommend watching the training material “Responsible conduct of research” before joining this Q&A session (watching the video is not mandatory to join the session, here a link to the slides).

We encourage participants to submit questions in advance to instructors.

Who can participate?

The webinar is free and open to all.


A one-hour Q&A session.

Schedule and location

The training will be held online via Zoom on November 24, at 1–2.00 PM Eastern European Time (EET).


Dr. Enrico Glerean, Data Agent, Staff Scientist, School of Science, Aalto University


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