Research Data Management (RDM) training : Introduction and Basics

Learn how to manage, store and take care of your research data.
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This training is an introduction to Research Data Management (RDM). You'll learn the important basics of taking care of your research data.

Contents of the training:

Introduction to data mismanagement. An entertaining look at the most important factors for a happy relationship with research data (Richard Darst, data-agent, SCI) Presentation recording (28'47), slides (

IT services for data management in Aalto. Information and tips about the IT services available in Aalto to help you manage research data properly (Ilari Lähteenmäki, ITS) Presentation recording (23'09), slides (pptx)

How can research data be stored? True story from personal experience. Real example on the organization and storing of research data to files and folders in research projects (Mikhail Kuklin, data advisor, RIS). Presentation recording (18'42)

You can attend without registration, but please register so we will learn about your specific needs about the subject

Organizer: Aalto University Research Services & Open Science and ACRIS team.

More information: [email protected]



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